Congrats. You guys are why Gen Z wants to die.

Well, I'm not Gen Z, but we all know the stereotype. There's so much hate on this site. Y'all need to chill. This site is supposed to be a confession site where people could talk without anyone coming after them. Yet y'all still do it. And everything you do is stupid because, in the end, you can't ever prove anything.

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  • Stupid gen z crybabies. GTFO if this site offends you, losers.

  • I didn't say they were on the site, I was talking about this kind of behavior....

  • If Gen Z is not the subject, why did you bring it up?
    We await an INTELLIGENT answer.

  • Sorry to ask,but wtf does gen Z mean??
    I was born in 83,live a pretty wild life,have drunk ,f***** and mucked my way round the world, and now it seems the world is full of whiney jumped up snowflake bastards!!
    What is gen Z? You sound pretty gay to me tho,so maybe its for the best that you do all die

  • Who is Gen Z? The people who will be taking care of you when you're in a nursing home. The first generation (apparently) that isn't composed mainly of homophobic people like you. Kids who fight because they hate a person, not their uncontrollable traits. That's who Gen Z is, people who are actually aware of the people around them.

  • You're not homophobic and you can't fight?
    So you're a bunch a f****** p****** who are h*** bent on giving the country away to corrupt politicians so they can control EVERY aspect of your life. Congratulations, you're a f****** idiot who has no concept of how things really work in this world.

  • >>"actually aware of the people around them" omg, that's hilarious
    You're terrified of speaking face to face with anyone including your friends 1/2 the time
    Your personal worth is all about how many likes you get
    You stare like frightened deer @ anyone you don't know
    But you can scream "homophobe" in your sleep, because that gets you likes
    If the internet ever broke down you would not be able to function
    You couldn't "take care of" a snail let alone another person-- unless it got you likes

  • ^This person gets it.

  • .........have you ever met someone in Generation Z? They literally talk so much. Their sense of humor is literally insulting themselves. They get into fights with random strangers if they do something, usually to one of their friends. They talk about homophobic people because it's an issue, and honestly, they'd rather make it a joke than have to deal with it - yeah, I know it's sad, but everyone does that, not just them. Half the time they aren't even sure where their phone is. I've seen them take care of things plenty well, and if you think they can't, well, better get Life Alert going for you pretty quick then. I'm not Gen Z - thank goodness, they're all little jerks- but a lot of my cousins are, and I'd never tell them, but overall they're not so bad. They might be rude, but at least they joke about everything, and if you ask me that's not bad. They are SO immature but they always blame the 'attackers ' in a situation, no matter how trivial, not the 'victim'. Sometimes it gets out of hand- I've watched it happen just between my siblings - but I respect they sentiment.

  • I guess we just know different Gen Z kids.

  • Or maybe it's not quite as simple as it's being presented here. Both of your perspectives have a lot of truth to them.

  • I'll second you on that. Neither are wrong..

  • Oh,a bunch of sissy then. Right-oh

  • I wrote the comment above,and I'm back for more, you know what,your generation makes me sick,you think the world owes you an apology, you're the generation known for being such sissys that being a man or a woman isn't enough for your attention seeking needs. Non binary,gender q****,pansexual,all of this is just a way for you to get attention. Freaks.
    You get all your news and info from biased social media,which is run by people with their own agendas, you don't get out in the real world and find out for yourself,you read something on FB and to you its gospel.
    Get a grip kid.
    You are pathetic.
    Your grandparents would be f****** ashamed of you, good job you are all non binary and gay,as the less you c**** reproduce,
    the better.

  • Wow. So horrible. Letting someone be instead of yelling in their face. Dreadfully awful indeed.

  • "Letting someone be" while taking pictures of them to post online and ridicule.
    Just because you're not up in someone's face doesn't mean you're not bullying them, I can't believe I have to tell this simple truth to idiots who grew up with the internet

  • Amen! So very true!

  • Yawwwnnn. Yet another one of these "omg u guyz r sooo mean" whines.

    Tell you what. When people stick to using this site **ONLY** for confessions and not
    to post the same lame crap nobody else cares about over and over and over and over and yes over yet again...
    or to fish for compliments, sympathy, or hookups from faceless strangers...
    or copy-pasting ANYthing...
    or putting, and I laugh to call it this, "poetry" on display...
    or to use other people's posts to get on their sad little soapbox about politics or religion...

    ...well, you're still gonna get people being a$$holes (although far fewer, I think). Welcome to interacting with other people, you never know what you're gonna get.

    Since you tried to make this a generational thing for some reason, this last bit is for your target audience. Kids, this is a pretty good indication of how the real world works. Most of your parents rogered you good, raising you to think you're the center of the universe and that everyone else has to reconfigure themselves so that everything works for YOU and there are no meanie-head poopoo bad vibes ever. This site is kind of a pit, but it's a painless way to learn this. (If you think it isn't, wait until you join the workforce!)

    If and when you insist on reproducing, remember this lesson and don't train your crotchspawn to be bubble-wrapped little princesses. The world doesn't need more of that.

  • Dear Gen Z:

    The feeling is very mutual: we all want you to die, too.

    Everyone Else in America

  • I'm sure you'd love an entire generation to be wiped out. Another sob story you can pretend to care about.

  • Project much? It takes a lot less than an entire generation being wiped out for some people to go into a 'look @ me being traumatised and sad' mode. Now go cry on Twitter because some rando looked at you sideways, and in doing so 'raped' you.

  • High five! Bunch of effeminate freaks

  • Wtf does gen z have to do with this

  • OP must be a girl. Only a girl would drop a non-related little remark like that into her post, then pretend to get all offended when people ask about it. And also refuse to clarify why she even mentioned it in the first place.

    All for precious, precious attention and drama.

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