the only reason why i don't like this site as much as other confession sites is because the audience is so annoying. this site is full of ignorant, annoying, unforgiving people who really shouldn't just be browsing a collection of people's problems.

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  • There are just as many useless people putting up so called 'confessions' that are fantasy or **. When ever I see one of these whiney 'confessions' I know that some emotional little toff didn't get the attention they wanted, so go ask a grownup for a cookie and FOH =)

  • I give logical advice and my personal opinions. Some must get a kick out of their canned responses. THOSE are the ones to ignore.

    Sometimes the truth hurts.

  • Come on, half of the ** is made up. You know it. If it more than a paragraph, they're lying. Anyone with a brain can smell the BS half of these jokers are writing.

  • I see your point,but not everyone here is that bad..

  • And yet, you're still here, confessing away...

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