I have a plethora of naked pictures of my mother in law.

So about 1 1/2 years ago my MIL and Now ex-FIL were going through a divorce. During this process my MIL found out that my FIL was tracking everything she did (Texts, emails, location.... etc.) so she asked my wife and I if she could join our cell phone plan. Of course we said yes and immediately ordered her a phone. A few days later we received her new iPhone at our residence. That same day she came over to the house and asked me to transfer her phone numbers over. I did this all with the help of my iMac. While I did that I also made her a new email and all around new accounts. After a few min I figured out how to transfer her contacts and such i then activated her phone and got everything set up. Skipping forward a few months my MIL was divorced and immediately started dating again. I didn’t question it because she was treated so bad by my FIL... so naturally I was happy for her. Well one day I jumped on my iMac (I don’t get on it much seeing that I use my phone for everything) so I can look something up. Well while everything was loading up I started to get a crap ton of pings from my iMessages. I thought this was kinda weird because I disabled it long ago. Well I opened it up and realized it was the messages were directed to my MIL. Then while I noticed some pictures started to load up as well. Some selfies then there it was massive t***. Then sexy pictures of all kinds. I was then staring at all kinds of nudes of my MIL. Her sexy ass, p****, nude tanning and even her master bating we’re staring me in the face. All I can say is that I’m addicted. Before you ask.. no I will not blackmail her or even attempt to have my way with her. Although I would love to f*** her. I would love to eat that sweet looking p****. I love it every time she texts her new boyfriend something new.


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  • I’d love to see. Varityconsulting@gmail.com

  • I want to trade pictures with you

  • Maybe she has trust in you so felt safe having you do the back ups and not go though her personal stuff.

  • Similar thing happened with my stepdaughter. She always brings her phone over to have me backup her pictures to my NAS server. Normally I never look at the pictures. I just back everything up to a folder with her name on it.
    I had a hard drive fail in the NAS and I had to change it out. Afterward I was checking to see if everything was working. I was clicking through some of the folders and one of them was my stepdaughters. I opened a couple pictures just to make sure and they opened fine. Typical pictures of her and her friends. I was just about to back out when I figured I would open one more. I was shocked to see my stepdaughter spread full eagle holding her p**** lips apart. All I could say was damb she has a nice p**** and a nice body. I closed the picture and switched the folder from details view to thumbnail view. There were literally a hundred different pictures of her nude in different positions. Ones of her boyfriends f****** her and ones of her giving her boyfriend b*******. There were also a few videos of her and her boyfriend f****** and a couple of her masterbating while she talked dirty. I grabbed a jump drive and copied as many of them as I could find. I can't believe she let's me backup these pictures and videos. I sometimes wonder if she wants me to see them.

  • Very nice! What a hot and rare opportunity you have!
    I would absolutely LOVE to trade pics and stories of a very similar situation I found myself in. Email me! kkreme6575@gma**.com

  • Believe me, she is sending them in the hope you see them, you shown her compassion, she know you have the link to her phone, you owe it to both of you.

    Start sending some naked pics of yourself just like her but as if they was sent to your wife create a feed so you know that she has seen them, and if she has deleted them, I will be here to help.

  • I totally TOTALLY agree with ^this^. You simply cannot allow this opportunity to pass. Even if you don't jump, you must MUST pursue it slowly and carefully.

    Also, start kissing her. A lot. Hello. Goodbye. Just social and nothing more -- ever -- than you would do with your wife standing right there. Over time, begin to allow the kisses to lengthen....and to draw closer to her lips....as you stand nearer and nearer......until she will know she makes you erect. Between technology and nature, you are a m************ shoe-in, dude. Or maybe a motherinlawfucking shoe-in.

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