Does anyone out there have a thing about RED LIPSTICK AND RED NAIL VARNISH if so why what's the fascination , My girlfriend told me the guy she was with before me would ask her to wear it . She met him on a dating site he came from Bristol , If your reading this tell me why you wanted her to wear it I'm interested . If anyone could shine a light on this subject I would appreciate it , If you have asked or if you've been asked to do this please tell me all about it Thank you

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  • Red lipstick and red nail polish is akin to the male 'power tie.'

    It is sexy as h*** and shows a woman who is confident and likes to be in charge.

    Ever see red nail polish and red lipstick doing wonderful things to your c***? This is one of the best turn-ons ever.

  • I love red nails and lips. I have requested my girlfriend to wear it. Then I like to suck her toes and she loves it

  • I think red is sexy even red lingerie

  • So they look like old time,h*****

  • What do you mean

  • Think he meant who-res

  • She's a little red head ring a bell

  • I love girls wearing bright reds lipstick when they give me a b******, I love to see it rub off on my d***. My ex used to play a game when we went for a walk, she would stop, put on the lipstick and then we'd find a quiet place. She would also do it at family events. Best time ever was her great aunt's funeral, she sucked me off behind a massive gravestone. Yes she was filth.

  • For me its dark lipstick, look at Candice brown from GBBO last year or the year before that. She was absolutely gorgeous with her dark lippy!!!

  • I'd have those pointy sexy lip sticker lips around my c*** everyday of the week if I could.

  • Candice is a goddess ,bet she's filth in bed!!!!
    And ruby from last year mmmmm mama let me taste that chapati lol

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