Buddies sister

I stayed at a friends place last night, His younger sister is a little bit chubby, Super cute with a bubbly personality but has never really peaked my interest other than realizing that she is super cute and looks a lot like her mom who is a MILF and always has been, I always thought if she was a bit skinnier she would look even more like her mom and I would definitely be interested but more recently she has begun to interest me more and this past weekend I may have made a mistake but we will see.
I knew Mike had to work in the morning and it is not unusual for me to stay at his place and for him to not be there either when I get there or in the morning since I never work weekends, I have been around his family since I was just a couple years old and am very comfortable around them and them around me so when I woke up I went upstairs and there was no one around, I made some breakfast and went back downstairs, I watched some tv and heard footsteps upstairs, After a bit I went back upstairs but didn't see anyone around.
I was gonna go back downstairs when I heard a noise in the sunroom and went to investigate, I rounded the corner and stopped, Amy was sitting in the swing chair in the sunroom, Pyjama pants around her ankles, Legs crossed, Pyjama top unbuttoned and had one of her big, Brown nipss out, Sun shining on her as she looked down at her completely shaved vag rubbing it. She didn't see me because I was kind of to the side and behind her so I backed away but as I stood in the kitchen I couldn't resist and went back to the sunroom, I opened the door and she screamed, She jumped up and tripped on her pants then stood up and that's when I could see that she was shaved, Her jugs wiggled as she got her pants pulled up and folded her shirt over her chest.
She looked at me with her big, Green eyes and long dark hair and there was just something about the way she looked that was super hot, she looked like she was gonna start crying and her face was beet red as she walked up to me and said "James...WTF are you doing here", I told her I had stayed the night and she said "F***, I didn't know anyone was here", She went to the kitchen and I followed her watching her bum jiggle in her pyjamas, I stood leaning on the fridge and she kept trying to ignore me but finally she said "Could you stop staring at me".
But I couldn't, Her nips were hard and showing through her fuzzy red pyjamas, Her bum jiggled as she walked and the embarrassment on her face just made her look even cuter, She sat at the table and I sat across from her, She looked up at me and said "Ok, Please don't tell anyone, Like for real, you have to promise not to tell anyone", I said "About what?" and she tilted her head to the side saying "Come on, I mean I am sure you do it too" and I said "Well...I'm going to now", She scrunched up her face and said "Ewwww" and giggled.
When she was finished eating she went to her room and closed the door so I went to the bathroom and started the shower fully expecting to run one off in the shower but when I opened the cabinet there were no towels so I pulled on my pants and went to the closet in the hallway where I know there are spare towels, As I walked out she was standing in the hallway looking confused, I looked at her and she looked at me then she walked up and kissed me. She led me back to her room and we ripped each others clothes off and I nailed her on her bed. When we were done I asked where her parents were and she told me they wouldn't be back until the next morning so I pushed her back on the bed and nailed her again.
We banged three times before Mike got home and when he did me and him left, I haven't seen her since and hopefully she will be ok with just a one...Well...Three time thing and she won't be all clingy but I guess we will see.

Mar 17, 2019

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