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I want to watch my wife with other guys! She knows and says if It just happens but it hasn't and I'm not sure she wants to. I hope some guy seduces her one day.

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  • She will do it when she wants to, you are just going to have to wait and see. I suspect she will find someone you don't know and go for it. There is a good chance you will never know about it. In any case you will be out of the picture or just in the way.

  • Ask a friend to make a move on her.
    Make sure he’s someone she’s sees fit and attractive. Tell him to give you details

  • Take her to a club. Ask guys to go dance with her. See how much she enjoys him. Invite him back to your hotel or car. Tell him you are wanting him to seduce her and see how far it goes

  • This can be fun if handled carefully with no surprises for anyone and all expectations and concerns are on the table. I don't think it generally should "just happen".

  • You should not have s** with your wife for a while and try to be stimulated by s** stimulants that you may want to have s** with a man

  • It seems like fun and games while it's still theoretical, but when it happens, you'll be sorry. Very sorry. Trust me. It'll end your marriage, and could end your life. Stop it before it starts.

  • I shared my wife with co-workers, hers and mine, as well as strangers, mfm, mostly but also watching her with 2 or 3 guys. We lasted over 20 years and loved every minute of her with other men. It is not always bad, and can be very good. But you must be sure before you start the life. Once his c*** is pounding her c***, he cannot un-f*** her.

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