Where are the moderators on this site?

Whoever runs this site...how do you sleep at night knowing people come here and confess the most disgusting acts and crime, why do you allow it? those rules you have at the top here why don't you enforce them?

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  • People who come here to share have no desire to be censored. Let adults enjoy. No hard in fantasy chat.

  • Confession booth if your squeamish move on.

  • I agree. There have been times I've come on here to confess something tame and it was "rejected" but they allow all of these filthy, vile posts, letting these sick p e d o s and r a p i s t s run while.

  • Same here!

  • Run wild*

  • What about confessions about incest?

  • Op here, if its an actual confession where there is a crime being committed then it should be reported no questions asked because even if they come here asking for help, they will only get pervy answers and not actual advice!

  • I'm personally not for incest myself. It just isn't something I understand. But I know it's legal in other places so it really isn't any of my business. I think it is okay so long as it is consensual and both people are adults.

  • Anything to do with children should be banned and rape should not be posted either. But anything between adults is ok, including incest.

  • Yes exactly and also b**********

  • This place is just a playground for bottom-feeding filth with severe mental issues. While it's currently being fun again to come here and poke the deficients with a stick, I sure am glad I don't NEED this place like so many repeat posters here seem to. Mods here are just as arbitrarily useful as they are on most other sites, on point once in a while and completely absent most of the rest of the time. You can tell by how you see so much of the same idiocy again and again and again. I dare them to prove me wrong.

  • I really thought it was just a place to confess normal things...i was wrong!

  • It should be. That's what it was originally intended for. But humans are very consistent about taking a positive thing and mucking it up beyond all reason, each and every time.

  • I'm pretty sure the feds watch this site so they can get the IP address for criminals and then go bust them.

  • Maybe, but I'll bet it isn't a hot site for them-- so little of what gets posted here would actually rustle a fed's jimmies and only a percentage of "those" stories are even true anyway. So maybe they just come here for spank bank material like the rest of you hyenas :D

  • There is nothing on this site that is spank bank. You can count on that.

  • LOL!! Denial much, fool?

  • For u, maybe :P~

  • Amen.

  • So much of it is fiction. Some are the same story with name changes. Then there is the belly fetish guy. The sniffing stories.
    I think the occasional I Hate My StepKid posts could be true.

  • Fiction or not its still disgusting and potentially damaging, i'm talking about the pedos and other scum of the earth that come here

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