Eat me

I was really good friends with this girl at work before I finally asked her out. She said no she couldn't date anyone she worked with. Bullshit, but whatever. I kept asking her once or twice a week, and once or twice a week she would tell me the same. This went on for awhile until I asked her one day if she just wanted to f*** instead. No surprise she said no. So once or twice a week I would mix it up with date me? Or f*** me? And everytime she said no. Now remember her and I are really good friends even outside of work. So no worry of her going to HR. Anyway so one day in desperation to change things up I asked her if she wanted me to just eat her p****? No s** no date, I wouldn't even take my pants off. Simply take your pants off, leave your shirt and bra on, spread you legs, I will eat you until you c** and then you can get dressed. She looked at me funny and said that is all? Nothing more with you? You will keep your clothes on, eat me, and then leave? I said yes, I will eat you to o***** and that is all. She said ok, stop by after work. I thought for sure she was messing with me, but no. I stopped by after work, she took her pants and panties off, spread her legs and I ate her p****. When she was done she put her pants back on and we went to the bar. It wasn't s** but I'll f****** take it.

Mar 22, 2019

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  • Hope she tasted as good as you hoped she would

  • I dunno,would of been more funny if she tasted rank and stank!

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