NZ Shooting

I'm a normal guy who is maybe a little racist when it comes to Muslims , I'm fed up of them coming to our countries and trying to enforce their laws and s*** on us. And I'm fed up of the government bending over backwards to appease these c****.

But that's irrelevant,

I'm sure you've all heard about the 50 killed and 40 injured in NZ by Mr Tarrant.

I saw the footage of it. Firstly the one when where he gets out the car and starts. Then the other when he kills the woman outside. Then I was sent the whole 15min one.

I didn't watch it.

I watched the first ones and felt nothing but disgust. I felt angry that I'd been shown it, morbid curiosity made me watch it all but still I was sickened by this mans actions.

Im ex forces,and so have seen some pretty messed up stuff in my time,I've been on the receiving end of Islamic attacks, and I've also meted out justice in return.

I've seen jihadis explode infront of me, I've seen them do the death dance as they're shot,and I've thought good riddance and justice as I watched and helped them on their way.

But the NZ attack... Wrong. These were innocents. They didn't deserve it at all and I'm saddened by it.

Im not great at explaining myself (prob all the gov issued meds,thanks uncle Sam!) but I hope you get the jist of this post!

Basically,I'm a c***,but even I found that mans actions truly abhorrent and feel bad for watching the footage.

Did anyone else see it?

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  • This the US not the Middle East take your a**** back home

  • Listen to Jacinda and stop seeing muslims as something other than us. It is the negative attitudes that are part of the problem. NZ will be a more tolerant society because of they way Jacinda brought people together. Be part of the solution. Do not enable the haters.

  • I’ll call your bullshit! They are only coming into the US to destroy us. That f****** so called bible is total bullshit! Death to all Jews and those that do not practice Muslim way.
    Take your f****** hate people and go back home. It’s all on social media how young Muslims are being taught to hate everyone who isn’t a Muslim. Quit worshipping a false prophet in Muhammad!
    Jesus Christ is Gods only son!
    If you’re hear to tear this country apart be prepared for consequences somewhere along the way cause I know a tons of people who are watching and preparing.
    F*** you all !!

  • Other than us? They have a well thought out plan to enter our Country and take over. They do not care about other religious beliefs except theirs. If you don’t believe in their religion it’s death to us all. F*** every last one of them !!

  • I'll only listen to that horse when she's grinding her slime on my face! Until then, nope, they're well different from us. They are sub species

  • Just as bad as n*****.

  • Actually they are just the same and the only good ones are the dead ones


  • Childish f***

  • Lol. lmao

  • much intolerance in the world...... lets chilllll………..

  • How about you pull your head out fucktard. The world is going to s*** from all these f****** ignorant liberals and you just want to keep your head up your ass.

  • You enable c**** like Tarrant.

  • …. i think they call this "projection" …… where you find your own flaws in the lives and attitudes of others . . ….. for example...… YOU would loooooove to be able to slide your own head up your own ass and eat your own s*** you assume that's what everybody else wants too...… you are a sad case and a #verysickfuck.....good luck with your life ass slider......

  • You're in love with yourself when you like your own post ass slider.

  • ........seems to me that YOU are the one who liked my post....because you were so appreciative of finding someone who sees through your wordly disguise and recognizes who you really ass slider.....thanks for the like..... ass slider

  • I bet you stuff a d**** up your ass every night. Explains why you talk about it so much. Excuse me now while I go f*** your momma.

  • All we're getting out of your scintillating "comebacks" is "hurr hurrrr imma repeat wut u just said im rubber n ur glue hurrrrr". Just thought you should know, since you seem to be unsupervised :)

  • Know what p***** me off. F****** womens lib. Just like that guy who is running for Democratic nomination for president. They asked him if he would consider having a woman on his ticket. He said yes and then asked if any of the women who were nominated would consider having a man on their ticket. The liberals have gone ape s*** calling him a sexist. HOW IN THE F*** IS THAT SEXIST?

  • What does that have to do with this topic? Stupid basement dweller!

  • Oh what's the matter? Did your dad touch you in your special place?

  • Wow, great comeback! And so relevant! Stupid basementdweller XD

  • You use basement dweller a lot. You must be familiar with staying in the basement? Is that where your daddy touched you?

  • You mindlessly repeat what others say a lot. How old are you?

  • I feel the same way as the OP but to watch unarmed helpless men women and children gunned down in cold blood makes me sick to my stomach. Some were begging for their lives and others were trying to protect their children with their bodies. Thats not fighting Islam thats cold blooded murder. Muslims have done the same to other people but to actually watch someone walk into a Mosque with a gun while the Muslims were praying its the stuff of nightmares.

  • I saw it,pretty effed up!! But don't get all upset about it all,how many times has it been on the other foot,and its the Muslims attacking our western values.
    Maybe,although yes it was bad,maybe this is the reality check they need . We're all fed up of their terror. See how you like it back c****!

  • What about when we were 1st and putting our values on them? read a book. This country has commit genocide on natives and tried shoving the Bible down the throats anyone they deemed heathens. This is a monster of our own making.

  • Time to stop talking and start caring. if we sow peace they will not harvest hate.

  • ^^Who are you? from the black eyed peas???!!!!

  • Who am I??? Who are YOU??????

  • I find this whole post disgusting and the comment that refers people as vermin. this is a monster that America made. Read history books. I did, I don't take anything at face value. Because of greed this country has invaded places where it had no business being in. Why do you think we are hated? Because they hate the way we live? No. Because they want to enforce their religion here? No. Every side thinks they're in the right, how about looking at it from another POV?

  • Americans didn't make the monster that shot those Muslims he made a monster of himself by misusing his free will. Trump never suggested we just go around shooting Muslims or anyone else.

  • ...sure he did....its right there in his manifesto....kelly ann said so......and she wouldnt lie...she loves him...

  • No,he was an Aussie ,with European roots. Not a monster our great country made

  • I am an Aussie, and you people in Retardistan did as much to enable this c*** as anyone else. YOU with your s***** attitude and f***** up view of the world. Conservative xenophobia is global.

  • Well, if the world leaders didn't rely on us to do their dirty work then I guess we wouldn't be hated as much. That's not true, the f****** British would still hate us.

  • Everyone hates you.

  • I haven't seen the vids, and won't see them. But I agree with exploding all of them monkey rat bastards. We'd just be beating them to the punch. In the world of Islam, it's time we took the upper hand and blowed them vermin to f*** and back. Let's start today.

  • And how many more will die in revenge attacks. Your attitude get innocent people killed.

  • #sickfuck

  • ^shameful^

  • ^Very sad^. Very. Does nothing to improve the situation, but only makes things worse. And angrier. It's the snide, mocking, superior, Trumpian, insular thinking.

  • It's attitudes like the ones of the "vermin" commenter above that are the problem in our world today. Lumping all Muslims into the Mohammed Atta bag is not going make them like us any better. In the same way that WE aren't all the same, neither are THEY all the same. And killing innocents is never acceptable.

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