I stole 700 dollars from my mom it was in a big envelope i figured she wouldn’t know it was gone. i have been doing this for a while.. i see my mom give my dad the envelope and it was for a car he sold he’s very particular i know he will count it and notice 700 is missing. i don’t know what to do i think he hid the envelope i cant find it. i have repented to god for my sin and asked for forgiveness. i never want to steal ever again especially from my parents. should i just slip it in his wallet instead and let him think maybe he put it there? i’m afraid he will accuse me because i don’t have the best history. the envelope is seperate from his wallet so i’m really scared i just want to put it back, i did not spend a cent on it i don’t intend to i just want to put it back. please help

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  • I bet i am rite and she is a b****

  • Well answer me and my moms a b****.

  • Does anybody agree with me here. my moms a dumb ass b**** and thinks she can tell me what too do hugs

  • Wow

  • Yes it a mistake you stole it and good to realized that and want correct your behavior. Yes give it back.

  • You a mommy

  • Pleeeeeease answer me xxxxxxxxx

  • You are nice.

  • Thank you and im grounded and mom spanked me..

  • Stealing is and you need a red bum........

  • You boy or girl.......

  • ? how old are you..

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