Confused by my bff

Hi. I’m a girl and I’m 14. My bff I won’t say her name showed my something she liked doing and said I should learn to do it too. It’s m********* and I didn’t know how so we went to a secret place that I have when I want to be alone. We live close to the hills and it’s like a camp but nobody sees it. It’s very private. We took a blanket and went there after school. I don’t have a problem with fingering myself but she had a dilda and it has a belt thingy on it. Is it normal for a bff to use it on me? If it is then I will but it was just weird and it scared me and I want to know if I can use it on my sister. She is 8 years old . Please don’t think I’m a freak .



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  • Maybe discuss this with someone in private

  • No , you can watch me use my c*** on your baby sister she would be a great f***

  • Agreed. Not a good idea to do this with your sister; there is an age gap, for one. But, if you and your friend both agree this is something you want to do (and are roughly the same age), it’s normal to experiment. Plenty of people your age have experimented like this. If you are doing it with other people, make sure to have safe s** to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases — not a concern if this is your first sexual partner for both you and your friend .

  • Not a good idea to use it on your sister but there’s nothing wrong with doing it on your best friend.

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