Fainting fetish

I have always fainted very easily, sometimes just standing up to quickly will cause me to have a fainting spell. I sometimes will even pass out and drift in and out of a faint when im turned on, having s**, touching myself ect. My secret is that i secretly really enjoy fainting, especially in a sexual context. it turns me on so much to just “surrender” entirly like that, i like the idea of letting a man have his way with me once i have passed out too.... Even just fainting in front of in the arms of a guy that I’m into is a turn on on. One of my favorite fantasies would to be be able to make a video of me fainting with a man and then being able to watch it later, watching as i faint and after im out watching him take of my clothes, rub my b******, slide off my panties, touch my p****.....all while im unconscious and helpess

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  • You are the perfect for me lol

  • This is just another dumb chick moaning "ugh i wanna be raped" with extra steps.

  • Wow, Fainting Goats are evolving! They know how to use the internet now!

    How do you use your little hooves on keyboards made for human fingers? Inquiring minds want to know!!

  • Answer the question, Little Fainting Goat. Baaa

  • Niiice. I like the way you think. I would like to be the guy to "take care" of you when you're unconscious.

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