Faint queen

My wife of 15 yrs. I knew she was bi when we married and she knew I was also. When we married she was chubby,big b****** thick thighs and time went along she got bigger. She also had a faint fetish,that is a person fainting turned her on,then I started having the same fetish.
Thing is she has always fainted easily,blood,needles frightened or embarressed.
Her doctor at an early age didn't find anything wrong,she was just a female who passed out easily with the most danger is her falling and maybe hitting her head on something.
Another thing about her is her temper and quick to fight another woman which she has in the past,first when she was 15 and caught her sister's girlfriend reading her diary,she was knocked out. Second when she worked aa a waitress and got in a fight with an older waitress there,she went to punch the other woman but instead was punched and again knocked out in front of the lunch crowd of mostly men.
Later when she worked at a department store and they had a store party,mostly young people she was caught in a bedroom making out with this girls boyfriend.
She was dragged off him,topless a mini-skirt,her panties on the floor and slugged on the jaw by the other girl,again knocked out cold.
I knew and heard all this even before we began dating and it seemed to turn her on to tell me the stories knowing it got me aroused as well.
Then her doctor suggested stomach bi pass surgery to lose her extra weight and she had it done.
She soon lost most of the extra fat,joined a gym and soon became another woman who loved herself.
Problem here was it also transformed her into a huge flirt,her skirts got very short,tops had plunging necklines showing lots of cleavage,sometimes she would go without a bra and for a woman with b****** as large as hers,38d cup it was an eyecatcher.
She still was a bit plump but in a sexy way.
I had a male friend who I admit I had a bit of a crush on and we would work out at the gym.
I know I am bi but I don't go after men but working out with him did turn me on and he knew it,he had the same feelings and one day after showers things got heavy and I sucked him off. Thats how it began but thats all we did,just b*******.
So he never met my wife although i did describe her to him and one day wanted to meet her.
I didn't think she was home when we got there and as I fixed us a couple drinks I told him to go into the bedroom to fetch a book on the nightstand I wanted to show him.
Suddenly a scream then silent and I rushed to the bedroom to find him holding my naked wife in his arms,she was unconscious.
He had gone in there,caught her nude apparently just out of the shower,she saw him,screamed and fainted.
He caught her just as she fell and there he stood,my wife in his arms,her head and auburn hair hanging back,arms dangling,she was out cold.

"I guess this is your fainting wife," he kind of giggled.
Why i don't know but the sight just really aroused me. He carried her to the bed and laid her out and I saw he too had a massive b**** and who wouldn't.
Her d cup b****** all splayed out with large nipples,her hairy bush,her c*** plus she was out cold.
I explained again how easy she faints and would be ok but he couldn't keep his eyes off those big b****** and hairy mound.
I didn't say it but in my mind I wanted him to f*** her,not knowing why this thought turned me on.
I got a robe and together we put her in it. It had no zipper just a piece that wrapped around and no sooner than we get her in it she wakes up,slowly at first.
My friend stepped outside as she came to and I told her what happened,she was at first embarressed then he came in and we all sort of laughed about it.
So my friend and I go back to the kitchen while my wife supposedly gets dressed but in a few minutes out she comes still in the robe.
Knowing her as i do her fainting nude into the arms of a cute guy had to arouse her. She walked around the kitchen with that short robe sometimes opening enough to see she was still nude under it,once or twice a breast and nipple would show.
Her fainting fetish showed up and she told a couple stories about her and me also.
He got into it as well telling her how I fainted at the gym the first time I was alone with him nude.
I knew it was only a matter of time before these two had an affair and I was right.
Yes we are still married

Mar 9, 2021

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