Any other women enjoy watching a fistfight. I’m a26y/o black woman. I work at a bar and 95% of the patrons are white. I love white guys too! Anyway, there are a lot of fistfights at this place and I enjoy watching them. Sometimes a guy will get a broken nose or some teeth knocked out and I’m cheering the fight on with a lot of the guys. Some of the other waitresses shy away and some really like watching fights.

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  • I'd much rather watch two women fight, that's erotic. I remember a catfight that my wife was in a few years back. It began on the dance floor in a local bar with an exchange of slaps, then about an hour later when we left the other girl was outside and the fight was on. After a few minutes of taking a licking the other girl backed off. Both women were topless and my wife couldn't even find her blouse our bra, but I'll tell you, when we got home she was ready for c***, and I was ready for p****!

  • Only if the winner takes you home

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