Black honey

Tired of seeing black guys telling women they are bigger than white guys. MF, my d*** is 12 and fat as a f***. I decided to start f****** black women to get even. Once they see my d*** they can't hold back. Once you ride my white, it's all on baby. Who else wants to ride the white lightning?

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  • So ur a big d*** white boi and ?

  • Trust me, race has nothing to do with d*** size. I have slept with many men, white, black, brown, and red. Race means not a damn thing.

  • I'm brown with a tiny d***,who can I f***??

  • Ikr. My c*** is in the top 99.9 percentile and im white and ni**as keep acting like we whites are all small. Imagine how narrow minded one must be to believe an entire race has small d****.

  • It's not black guys telling people, it's white guys more so white women.

  • Yeah, and black women laugh because they know black guys ain't any bigger.

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