I hate them. They always have to make everything about s**.

Mar 25, 2019

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  • I say we take off their pants , and we F*** them all to death , let me see , did I say that correctly, yes I sure did , I say we take off the pants of the Femi-nazis , the Muslims , the liberals, the LGBT Community and the pedo child molesters and we F*** them all to death with no apology, just F*** them all to death until their spirits leave their bodies , problem solved . No more problems in the world .

  • Let me see if I understand. Your "complaint" is that they "make everything about s**"? And this, to you, is a bad thing?

  • They need a good co.ck up their a.s.s to bring them down a peg or two!

  • Which obviously won't be provided by you, buttondick

  • And they do not care about men ever!

    “This is misogyny, bad things are happening to women!”

    “Umm those things happen to EVERYONE, not just women. Depending on what you’re talking about, it might even happen to men 10 times as often as women.”

    “Yeah but men aren’t people so I only care about the women!”

  • Everything is already about s**. All us guys think about is s**

  • I hate them too. I love real, gentle, feminine women, a women who will not compete with me or trying to put me down.
    When women we love try start acting bossy or try to compete with us, they'll loose all femininity and we will start hating them. It's not that women should be quiet and not say a word, but a relationship or a marriage should be based on mutual respect and healthy communication while still allowing husband to make some tough decisions and encourage him to be a man rather than obedient sissy slave like most western men are today. That's why marriages of our grandparents were always better, longer lasting and based on real love. They didn't have career-oriented self-centered b****** who crush everyone in front of themselves for their own delusional goals.

  • So you all become desperately insecure when women start behaving like YOU?

    Maybe feminazis are onto something with that "male fragility" thing.

  • Yes,exactly!!!

  • The part that just kills me is women say they want to be treated equally the same as men. Okay fine, I have no problem with that. So women wanted in the Army Rangers, again I don't have a problem with that. Here is where I have the problem, the first thing these women did once they got into the Army Rangers was complain about how hard the training was and the requirements should be adjusted down for women. Wait the f*** a second. You women want to be treated as equals to men, remember. You said you could do ANYTHING a man could do, remember. So now you pass the same f****** requirement or you get the f*** out just like a MAN would have to.

    You women can't play both sides of the f****** fence for when it's convenient for you. You want to be equal, open your own f****** door, pay for your own f****** dinner, and shovel your own f****** driveway. You wanted it, you got it. That's what it means to be equal.

  • Yep,ex British navy here, our female sailors (wrens) want equal ops, yet as soon as something physical comes up,like stores party,or gash duties,then its oohh,I'm a lady,I cant do that.😠
    What makes it worse is in an emergency environment. We have simulated battles where its as real as can be, smoke bombs for fire scenarios,flood boxes with the firemain connected to it blasting out water for floods,so you're there soaked as you try to hammer in wedges to stop the water, and carrying emergency portable pumps about (which are a 2 MAN lift,and even then they're b***** heavy!!)
    And guess what?! The wrens were S H I T !!!!
    Couldn't do anything. Got scared of the smoke, didn't like getting wet, couldn't carry the pumps about, AND.....this one really pissedMe off, couldn't lift open and engine room hatch by herself. Wtf"?!!! There's a team of guys closed up in each engine room at action stations, guys who may have only one chance of getting out alive,and some daft bint cant even open a f****** Hatch!!!!!!!
    They just flutter their eyes and push their t*** out and the senior rates just let it slide.
    NO, FUCKYOU, you signed up for it,so b***** well do it,or GTFO!!!
    (didn't stop me fu.ck.i.ng my fair share of them tho 😉)

  • Well said, and I am very familiar with the same situation. We ran drills where like you ordnance going off behind us, live rounds over our heads and we were to simulate most of the battalion being disabled. Two men had to carry everyone out in a specific amount of time. The women wouldn't or couldn't carry most of the men. How the h*** is that going to work when we are in a live situation and this b**** can't carry my shot up ass out of there.

  • It's truly mind boggling isn't it! In a real situation we'd be f***** basically. Shot or drowned

  • Kind of like blacks always want to make everything racist.

  • Because whites did/do racist things & expect to be forgiven or worse.
    It's recognized plus not accepted so understand why you're called on it.

  • *ALL* whites have? Really??
    There's a racist here, and they are black.
    Get over your idiot self.

  • Exactly

  • Yup, that jada pinket smith is a true c.u.n.t,she's such a racist piece of $hit,says terrible things about whites and bangs on about black power,and nothing happens!!!!!!! Fuckoff you ugly bit.ch

  • Idiot. That is just her acting in a movie. Not her real life.

  • No, she's really that racist. Just like that f****** racist f*** Jessie Smollett.

  • No you cu.nt, in real life as well. I don't watch her films.
    She's a true black power cun.t , look at her interviews and her views. She's git a huge chip on her shoulder that great gramps was a cotton picking slave

  • News flash most 1900's born Americans has a great parent who was part of the slave trade that's part of history. Are you ashamed that your kin folk did something so disgusting like devalue a human or are you an xenophobe who struggles with morality.

  • Oh god, another virtue signaling SJW. Look in the mirror to find the real xenophobe, j******!

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