Panty sniffing

My sister in law wears thongs all the time and she brings her laundry over to wash it. I love to take out her thongs and sniff and taste the part that rubs her sweet b******* all day

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  • Soooo. i sell my worn panties. also socks, vids, pics and i can do custom work. my name is shayla wilde, u can follow me on twitter and see my pics @shaylawilde. i love knowing a man wants to smell my scent and use my panties and pics to pleasure himself. tbh, thats why im here, trying to find u fellas <3 <3 <3

  • I ve been smelling panties for years now, a hot milf panties always seem the best but i also love sniffing 8 t0 10 yo panties as well. not alot of scent but the excitement make u wanna blow nut.

  • I love to smell a hot girls panties too. It’s amazing I was dating a absolutely beautiful woman who was easily a 10, I was so fuc kin turned on because her cu nt was so stinky. I jo every day thinking about her and what a turn on that was!

  • I thought I was the only one that was into that. Glad i'm not alone

  • My gf 13 year old hot sister caught me sniffing and licking her dirty panties. I freaked out but now she leaves them for me. I put a massive load in them and leave them for her to find. We don't talk about it but we both enjoy doing this.

  • She needs a c*** in her

  • My friends wife does the same thing with her work panties leaves them lying on bathroom floor.

  • Is she hot, does her p**** stink?

  • My sister inlaw wants to f*** me that I am sure of. I live with my brother and his wife. My brother always gets up at 6AM for work. Once he leaves my SIL will get up and shower for the day. Then finally I shower. Everyday and I mean every f****** day when I go in to shower, her panties will be right on top all other clothes in the hamper. It's not that they are mixed with her pants or shirt, no I mean her panties are specifically put on top on display just so I can see them.

  • She knows how her panty scent makes everyone crazy. I just love that odor and would love finding used panties like you describe.

  • They love it when they know someone's been jerking on her aroma filled panties

  • I would suck them beauties clean everyday,rubbing my face with them so I smell her all day

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