I'll get you in the end!

At first school I was good friends with Thomas. I moved to a different school in the next town and didn't see him for about 5 years. The upper school took pupils from all over the area,all the towns fed into this upper school so there were people from all over the county.
When I joined,I met some of my old friends from first school,but they'd changed and we didn't get on.
But this Thomas was a royal c***, he became a bully to me,not physically,but verbally,safe among his other friends knowing i couldn't fight back,as I'd be outnumbered.
Now, 18 years later, I bumped into him.
I've hated him for 18 years and have fantasized about meeting him alone and kicking the s*** outta him, I'm a lot different from my school self,I'm fit,box for my town,and hes still a scrawny c***.
He was very friendly and we met at a house party through mutual friends who have no idea about our past.
We've met a few times and its as if we're great mates. We chat,have beers together etc,but inside I'm raging,and biding my time.
His wife is a dog,and very friendly,so I'm going to f*** her and destroy him.
I've already started f****** with him in little ways, flat tyres,keyed paintwork, pizzas and take-outs delivered to his house,and getting others to call his work and home saying hes done stuff.
I'm going to f*** his life up,then when he's rock bottom I'll tell him its all been me.

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  • I'm going to F****** Y O U in the end you dumb son of a B I T C H ! I know who you are and I know where you live. I see everything you type on your PC fool. Now you've made me mad and I'm coming for you. I hope you got your life straighten out cause if you don't your going to regret that you didn't use the link I sent you to keep people from seeing all the places you go on the net. Ok Daniel? By chance if your not Daniel well then I apologize for my outburst and hope you can forgive me. If not that's ok also. You bastille man you.

  • You're worse than he is. Are you crazy?

  • Get stuffed!

  • So yea you are doing the right thing , and it would be even better if you manage to kill him without risk to go to prison , after all there are thousand of deaths every f****** day of innoent people and innocent animals that don't deserve it , if for once a misteryous death happen to a bully it wouldn't be a problem at all

  • Very good , every person who suffered bullying or even an attempt of bullying should be able to have this reaction , keep going and if you can explain to other bullying victims how to properly react , it is important because bullies are a like a cancer , all they can do for all their patethic existence is to ruin all they find in their way , they must be beaten up untill they are all extinguished , and i am not joking about this , they must be killed

  • Wow let it go.... Get help. You have become the monster. Kids grow up and change. He might not be the person he once was. What sad is how he has defined who you have become. Don't waste your life and time on revenge. You could just tell him how you feel... But this where men are truly weak.

  • F*** you m************ piece of s***

  • Awe! Thank you honey I love you too. Hey I saw your mom last night and she said it's ok if you bring your new boyfriend dad won't ride your ass about coming out of the closet like he did last time. OK?

  • What's *

  • I like your way torment him slowly and rape his wife right infront of him tape it put it on internet

  • I would rape him and you and then your wife, daughter, grand mom, mother and keep it to myself to j*** off to when I'm bored which is when I'm not banging Glenda. Oops I said too much.

  • Wife here Carol travel agent love to share vids husband took of me for a face pic...like to see who is looking at me and to many pic collectors ..email me face pic will send vid....rbdemar@yahoo.com hope to hear back Carol R.

  • What you think I'm stupid enough to fall for this dumb ass trick. Well I won't do it. But I have a sharp knife with which I cut many things like water cress sandwiches which are your favorite aren't they. I see into your dark soul and SATAN is waiting for you. He speaks through me and he has a surpize for you. Sleep well KIZZ

  • Troll

  • Go FU CK your mother ass wipe.

  • Worm bait!

  • As there is no evidence of his past bullying on you, other than your testimony, when you admit all of the criminal acts you have perpetrated against him, you will be the one with a criminal conviction. Your 'revenge' will, therefore, be a pyrrhic victory.

  • Man up your acting like a high school kid playing high school games. If you have a problem with him or anyone for that fact say it to their face.

  • Ok I will you moronsky. Go suck a pecker you magpie eating SOB! how was that did it come out ok or are you still confused about the issues that abound your life. WHO the FU CK do you thing you are dear ABBey

  • Yes. Still a p****. Man up.

  • Ah! Go Fu Ck your momma you dip sh it . He hee he

  • I say no, I say just beat him down right now!!

  • Yes I would kill him first by shoving a grenade up his wazoo then I would throw him into shark infested waters filled with fish guts and dismembered babies that I chopped up last evening.

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