Mother is mad at me, ilive with her, i drink rum

Iget drunk sometimes, she mad at me, i do wear women thongs and other, i put it on my bed she shaw it, he said who the fu c k r u, i tryed to tell her its who i am. she is made at me, i enjoy wearing women thongs what should i say to her? help

Feb 27, 2021

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  • Lol yes was dinking at that time.

  • The way you wrote, misspelled, and improperly punctuated your sentence, indicates you're either illiterate, or, you were drunk when you wrote this.

    Before you post something, make sure you take time to punctuate and spell your sentences properly, moron!

  • Yes i got back home i layed my lingerie on bed so she see it. she got mad its my stuff she needs to take it. understand that what i like to wear!

  • Look there is nothing wrong with you, you are like many other males.
    You like soft things and that is normal.
    You are a " Two Spirit " person and that does not make you bad. You just like woman's clothes and so do many other males and they don't admit to it.
    I told my Girlfriend and she got out a red pantie for me to wear that weekend. There are women out there that like and Love crossdressers, just be honest when you getting into a serious relationship with your giftfriend later in life.
    It is up to her if she will like it or not, if she does your going to love your life.
    Just find yourself the right woman.
    Now as for your Mom it all depends upon her if she is opened minded or not. Some are some are not open to this..
    But you just like things that the western church does not like men to wear and that is a problem for you.
    But times are changing and it will get better for you I hope, it has gotten better for me and I have been here a long time.
    Just be the best person you can be and DO Not Lie as you go through life and it might be kind to you.
    I'm writing this wearing my bra and pantie with 4 rings on and 3 brackets and 2 chain necklaces.
    So you can live the way you want and yes my wife helps me buy things and I buy her things and that is a lot of fun
    So I don'tn'know how it will go with your Mom but you really are not alone doing this, just take your time and let her figure it out also.
    Stay well and Happy, your ok your not alone!!!!!

  • Male can bench press 300 can u do that?

  • Have master and phd!

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