Abnormally Small Male Waist

I am curious to learn if there are any men (or even women) out there, who have never been extremely thin, or had any kind of eating disorder, but whose natural waist measurements have been, especially when young, abnormally small. As a first grader in school my waist, as measured by the school nurse, was slightly LESS than 17 inches around! My mother had to buy me pants to fit for leg length but always had to take in the waist several inches to get the snug fit I wanted. Of course, I was rather small boned, too but not skinny! Even at the start of the 4th grade, despite gaining several inches in height and several pounds in weight, my waist only measured about 19 inches around. All of the boys and most of the girls in my class had waists larger than me! Only one girl measured 19 inches as well, and she was shorter and thinner than I was. If you are in the normal ranges of build and weight. Thanks WWL

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  • This isn't a confession.

  • Not a confession in the strict sense but an admission joined to an inquiry about a bodily abnormality. My purpose in posting this was not to fill this site with National Inquirer sensationalism. There is more than enough of that kind of nonsense already!

  • YouTube obey the walrus.
    May be the answer you're looking for

  • OK Thanks; but I would prefer a to hear from people who shared or still DO share my specific bodily oddity.

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