Room mate woes

My girlfriends room mate is an odd girl, I like her and we get along but she is odd, She has tried to hook up with me a couple times and I keep stringing her along and was working on a bigger plan which went perfectly. My GF is 5'3" tall, 130 lbs and C cups, Her room mate is 5'11" tall and built differently, Long skinny legs, No ass and a bit of a muffin top but huge b****, Not sure what size but they are big, Short dark hair and her eyes, Oh those eyes, She has big, Grey/Blue eyes that drive me crazy, The rest of her doesn't really appeal to me too much but those eyes, I can sit and talk to her for an hour and just stare into her eyes and at the end of the conversation have no idea what we talked about.
I don't live with my GF but am there almost all the time, I stay there every night, Shower there after work and am pretty much always there, My GF and her room mate met when my GF replied to an ad for a room mate and moved into Erica's place, Started out that my GF had the basement and Erica had the upstairs and now they just share the house, My GF has moved upstairs into the other room upstairs and now they just share the house.
Like I said Erica has tried to hook up with me a couple times, I passed out watching a movie one night while my GF was at work on night shift and I was wearing just a pair of shorts, I woke up to Erica rubbing me through my shorts and put the brakes on that, She pretty much offered to do whatever I wanted if I would nail her then and there but I said no. There have been a couple more instances where she came onto me but I shut her down and then last night we were sitting watching tv and she flat out begged me to nail her, I said no and she left the room returning topless, She has great big b****, They hang and one nip points down and one straight out but...They are big, Erica sat beside me offering to let me touch them and offering to do pretty much anything so I told her what she had to do.
She sat and stared at me for a second then said "Really???", I reached over and grabbed her nip that points down and squeezed it as she grimaced and pulled back, I pulled out my h****** and said "you want this?", Erica nodded, I said "Then you know what you have to do", I went to bed and left her with that thought running through her mind and it didn't take long for her to jump into action, 4 days later we all went clubbing and when we got home Erica and my GF were sitting on the couch, I was pretending not to be paying attention to them but Erica started whispering to my GF and from the look on her face I knew Erica had started on her quest.
My GF looked super hot with her eyes wide and staring at Erica as Erica proposed the idea of all three of us getting into bed, My GF went from shocked to shaking her head no to biting her bottom lip to whispering back and forth, When my GF grabbed my hand I could feel hers shaking as we went to bed, We were just getting going when the bedroom door opened up and Erica walked in, Closed the door and slinked into bed with us. We banged all night and Erica went down on my GF, I gave Erica what she wanted while my GF sat on her face leaning forward watching me slide in and out while both of us played with Erica's big b****, I dumped a load in each of them once and gave Erica a second before we all fell asleep.
Erica woke me up in the middle of the night and I slid it back in her from behind doing her while my Gf slept beside her.
My GF is not super happy about what happened but she says if I want to she will do it again so I think Erica is going to get what she wants more than just once.

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  • Dude this makes me want to give into women who flirt. I like straight forward women like that. My wife has the best I ever had but is too reserved.
    You're lucky to have a freak at your disposal but your gf probably isn't as comfortable as you think or want her to be.
    Have that real conversation before she initiates a btw we messed up doing this sit down.

  • You have to get what you can while you can. I would give her everything she wanted anytime she wanted it. You don’t get many opportunities like this come your way

  • I'm a guy and that made me h****. I would enjoy Erica as much as you can the next time, just in case. If you keep giving it to your wife good, she won't think as much of doing it again, and again. Try not calling out Erica's name as much as possible so it doesn't make your wife jealous.

  • Where does Erica work?

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