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I don't quite know what category to put this in. It's beyond the s** at this point. And yet it still is encompassed by it. I just cannot get over him. Having it thrown in your face every day that he is never going to leave her for you. Knowing he is happy, with a family, and he would be miserable with me, and yet I still want him to be with me, is very hard right now. I know what the right thing to do is: go away, and let him be. But how can I do that when he is such a huge part of my life? I cry, even as little as on the inside, every night for him. I am tired of crying over him, and yet I cannot stop. I want to get over him, and yet I don't. It is all so confusing; like it's the canopy of the Amazon in my mind, with leaves blocking my view, and wildlife to distract me. I knew what I was getting into when we started the whole affair. And yet, I wasn't prepared for one thing: this feeling I cannot name.

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  • Accept it. Grieve it. Move on.

  • I felt like this when an affair ended. I figured out the pain was mostly about how being rejected by someone you care about feels. It doesn't matter if your mind knows the relationship was no good for either of you. Being rejected just feels awful. It's an enormous ax to self-esteem and confidence. It takes a lot of time to heal from these kind of wounds.

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