Did you ever look up your mature mother's skirts?

I did for years and used to ** to ooo her generosity and sensual vibes she would be giving me.

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I hate my teenage step daughter

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  • My first smell and taste came from moms panty slit

  • My mum always wore white knickers and bras which she always let me see while giving me a bath up until I was 12. She would also bend over often to flash both her knickers and **.

  • Would look up her skirt sniff and lick her ** ...momspantysniffer

  • Like some of you guys first naked woman I saw was my mom. When I was 12, I was headed for school, but i had to go back to the house b/c I forgot my homework. I deliberately tried to be sneaky about entering b/c I didn’t want to get in trouble for forgetting my homework. As I walked down the hall, I heard something strange, I peeked in her room, and she was on top of the sheets mastvrbating! I could see everything! She was angled so perfectly that I could clearly see the pink of her inner pvssy lips and her c1itoris! I immediately got so hard I was pulsating, and pulled it out my fly and jerked off watching my mom! Obviously I came way before she did, let out a moan and shot all over the carpet! My mom heard me, and called my name, I tried to pretend I just came in, but she saw what was on my pants… a long dribble of come! She just said ”go change your pants, they’re filthy” that was it! When I got home, my pants AND the carpet had been cleaned of all come. She absolutely knew I’d been watching her and mastverbating. After that, like some of the other posters, I began sniffing my moms **, and still do! (I’m only 18) but I long to slide deep inside my moms perfect, tight, pink, juicy pvssy! And fvck my mother into an 0rgasm! In fact, I’m gonna grab a pair right now, sniff ‘em, ** my moms pvssy juice out, and ** off! I love my moms cvnt,

  • One night after a party I found my aunt drunk on her bed and I lifted up her dress and touched her ** covered in discharge. Ever since then I would steal her dirty ** amd ** to the thought of her being pasted out drunk

  • It was not my mom but a lady who lived down the street. I would go play at his house, not sure of my age at the time but probably10 or so. Anyway I posted this a year or so ago. At some point I kissed her on her arm, I think her husband said to so I did. I repeated this several times over the next few days but one Saturday morning she was still in her short nightgown and since I had been kissing her arms I decided to get down and kiss her legs. As I got down on my knees I leaned in and kissed her leg. She sort of lucked down and saw what was happening but did not move. That is when I looked up and saw she had no ** on and I was seeing my first ** although I only knew it as a **. Well anyway I did this for a couple of days, with the same result. Then one Saturday I was over playing with her son and I went to her bedroom and saw that she was leaning over looking for something in her lower draw. She had that short nighty on so I quickly got down on my knees and looked up to see her hairy ** again but thus time she was leaning over looking at me as I look up to see her beautiful **. I saw that she was looking at me and stood up and said that I should go back to her sins room. I never saw that lovely ** again and nothing mire was ever said about it. btw she was a grammar school teacher so I think she like the attention! What memories!!

  • No not a sickFUCK like all you ** A$$holes!

  • You are interested otherwise you would not have commented,
    so who is the sick **

  • I used to look up my mom's skirt all the time. I still find ways and I'm 30


  • The first woman that I saw was my mother's cousin. She had a light summer dress on and was sitting in a lawn chair. I was sitting on the ground and she called me and I turned around facing her. I saw her hairy bush between her legs and kept staring at it and never heard what she said to me.

  • The first naked female I saw naked was my mum when she was 43 years old and I was 12. I had the urge to see her naked after seeing her in her bra and knickers.
    I watched her ** for bed most nights without her knowing most nights. Mum never found out.
    I was intrigued after I had seen her ** and her hairy **.
    I then took her knickers on an almost daily basis to sniff as I wanked . Sometimes, I would keep her pubic hairs.
    I spied on mum naked and wanked with her knickers until I moved out in 1987 aged 25 , mum was 57.

  • Nice...
    First time I saw mum naked I was 14 she was 34. I was leaving my room to go downstairs when as I passed the bathroom ,the door was slightly open. The bath was running and mum was getting undressed. I stopped and watched her as she took her clothes of and stepped into the bath.
    I felt my c*** harden as I staired at her naked body. I had never seen a naked woman before. Only in magazines. Before I knew it I had pulled my pants down and was w****** looking at her. I had never noticed how big her t*** were and definitely couldn't have imagined how neat and trimmed her p**** was..
    I had never felt so turned on as she soaped herself . I was w****** faster and faster as she stepped out of the bath. Her naked body on full view facing me as she dried off..
    I unloaded into my underpants and got back to my room before she caught me..
    That was the start of many w**** I had watching her.

  • I saw my mum naked for the first time when I was 16.
    I got had a sudden impulse one day to see her naked as I passed the bathroom door and heard the taps running.
    I new mum was in there and got an **.
    I peeked through a tiny gap between the door and the frame but couldn`t see anything. I waited until the taps stopped running and heard the sound of my mum getting in the bath. I knew she was naked and this was my chance to see her naked. I opened the door and walked in. My mum was lying on her back .
    I initially saw her pile of clothes on the floor, I looked at the bath and saw mum laying on her back , I saw hairy brunette ** and her **.
    Mum sat up , put one arm across her ** and one hand across her ** and said urgently " WHAT ARE YOU DING IN HERE ! DIDN`T YOU HERE THE WATER RUNNING ? WHAT DO YOU WANT ANYWAY ?
    I confessed and told my mum that I had wanted to see her naked for a while and wanted in particular to see her **. I asked my mum to move her hands and let me look at her naked .
    Mum looked me in the eye and moved her arm from her ** and the other hand from her **. I could now see everything .
    " Ok , " said mum , " Have a good look, I suppose there`s no harm done."
    I stood there with a ** and studied my mum`s bushy hairy ** , and was surprised how big mum`s ** were . I came in my pants.
    After a short while mum said , " Go on then , you`ve got what you wanted , now let me have my bath in peace". I thanked mum and left the bathroom.

  • Thats so hot. I sudden felt mom once sudden her in slip and girdle at kitchen sink. She jumped a little and gasp. Felt firm and sleek ! Wanted to do more. She lectured me and said her goids where not for me. I peeked after and careful eyed her when could. Allot if ** after picturing her in her girdles nylons and bug sears bras ! Was wonderful !

  • Sounds good . How old was your mum , what colour was her hair and was she in the bathroom each time you watched her ?

  • Can`t beat a mature hairy ** !!!


  • My aunt would let me look up her skirt and always have her blouse half way opened so that her bra was in full view! That was when I was about 12 years old! She always wore white underwear. As I got older she would thrust out her large ** in my face and smiled as she knew I was staring at them also bending over while wearing a short skirt and flashing her knickers as usual.

  • The answer is you i use to look up my mums skirt when she sat opposite me she wasn't fussy how she sat with her legs open. at times she had French knickers on i could see up the leg, she saw me looking but didn't bother,

  • SAK TU

  • I take it she never said what are you looking at or anything. Take it your dad was still around and she wanted the attention from him that you were giving her . Obviously she must have enjoyed sitting with her legs open showing all her undergarments including her French knickers ,could you really see up the leg of her knicker's did you see her pus? . Obviously my mother was not getting the attention either as she was always smiling when I was looking up her skirt more so when she didn't say anything or object when I started to pocket ** to her and her views. Obviously we both had sensual and understanding mother's don't you think yes/no

  • I know me and mum have a sexual understanding now. what happened only yesterday morning i was taking us a cup of tea up to bed, as i started to climb the stairs mum came out of the bathroom saw me and stopped she was stood on the top landing i could see up her nightie between her legs her ** and up the crack of her bottom i stopped and stared as i was looking up mum parted her legs just a little and then a little more and more until she she was fully wide open, and said i know you wanted to have a look so have a good one, and bring the tea in my bedroom we need to talk.


  • From Gerald
    Me and mum didn't talk she gave me my first adult sexual i---st experience

  • My first sexual experience was when my aunt let me watch her getting dressed when I was around 9 years old. She had massive ** and ginger **. Always wore white knickers and lacey bra's. At family gatherings she made sure that I got a good look up her short skirt and a good look down her blouse. I think my mother was in on the act as well because she would let my aunt bath me as well and dry me off after, again while flashing her knickers. Bliss!

  • Gerald, I had a similar experience .i been taking my mum`s dirty knickers to sniff as I wanked from about 12 yrs old. One day aged 19 mum caught me sniffing her knickers and **. Mum was 52.
    She grabbed them off me and said she`d known for a while what I wanted to see her naked.
    Mum said " Sit on your bed if you want to see the real thing."
    I sat and watched my mum take her trousers and then her knickers off.
    " There," she said, have a good at at my **, it`s where you came from son." Mum stepped closer until her bush was a few inches from my face.
    " Go on," she said, have a feel . I ran my fingers through her long curly **.
    Mum then stepped forwards and pushed her ** in to my face and said
    " Sniff my ** and then I want to watch you ** as you look at me,
    Go on son." I wanked and came almost immediately looking at my mum`s hairy triangle of hair between her legs.
    Mum threw me her knickers she`d just taken off , saying
    " you can have those, you`ll only take them later." Mum left the room.
    I still think of that day. I`d love to ** her, just the once.


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