Is Cardiff City Football Club guilty of Corporate Manslaughter ?

Cardiff City FC has refused to pay the transfer fee on the basis of a number of Legal Technicalities which they claim amount to a breach of contract. If they are correct, then why did Emiliano Sala take that plane flight that cost him his life ?



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  • I don't know if they are guilty of corporate manslaughter but I do know that they are guilty of serial felony boredom. And so are you.

  • This is f***** up.

  • At the moment, I can't think of anything that matters less to me.

  • Well for us who are interested it does. So FUCKOFF

  • You're outnumbered. This is a confession site, not a place for fools to w@nk over sport. So FUCKOFF

  • Nothing to do about sport, but the fact a human life was lost .
    So you FUCKOFF femboy

  • Go suck your nan's oversized c*** you femboy fa.g.g.ot

  • How about you FUCKOFF for being a sport zombie and waste of s.perm, loser

  • In my opinion, the pilot,who used to fly for a PARACHUTING club,took a cash bung as he was heavily in debt, flew over the channel islands as planned,descended to a safe height(explains the u turn of their course ) amd parachuted out,down to a waiting boat that picked him up and took him to either the channels,or France where he's changed identity.
    Leaving poor Sala to helplessly crash into the sea.
    That's why only his body was in the plane.
    Let me stress, I take no pleasure in this conspiracy,as I'm a city fan and was so excited to have him play

  • Football mafia sadly.

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