Dad and me. Total satisfaction.

I'm a 45 year old woman and the only man who can really satisfy me emotionally and sexually is my father.

When my mother died I was 17, we became even closer than before.

Soon after I started sleeping in his bed and by 18 we were making love all the time.

He always made sure I came first. And to this day goes down on me almost every morning so I start my day c******.

S** with him is mind blowing. And he lasts a long time, 30 minutes or more.

We have a daughter whose 22 now, and she knowns the truth, and feels it is normal as we love each other so much.

She also loves her dad, and told me she want to be with him also.

I have to decide if I will tell him.

God I love that man so much.



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  • I net he does

  • Yummy

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  • My sister and my father were inseparable since she was born. Watching those 2 growing up was the most sickening thing that I had to deal with on a daily. They were not physically intimate but they may as well of carried it out. They cuddled openly and I'll stop with that. She acted his wife since a young teenager. Nothing mom could do about it except endure it like the rest of us. At one point they both moved out to their own place to continue the sick mess until the day he died. I hated visiting my father and sister house. He took the door off the bathroom. WTF is that about??

  • They were most likely into "bathroom play. "

    Meaning they would accidentally see each other naked or partly naked.

    They would both become accidentally aroused and would give into the desire and have s**.

    Then say this can't happen again.

    My sister and I played that game. Until we were in college together. I was in my senior year and sis was a sophomore when we admitted we love each other like a couple. And could only be happy with each other.

    It 10 years and we live together like we are married. We even wear wedding bands and I gave sis a huge engagement ring.

    The family fully knows what we do, but as we are both happy as a couple. No one says anything.

  • Whats wrong with affection between a father and daughter?

  • Cute

  • It's good that you and your dad could be there for each other after the death of your mother. Would you really want to share your dad with your daughter?

  • I was 8 when my Mum died. Within two weeks, my dad was ramming it up me. He also used my mouth to come off, and licked my bald slit to bring me off. He used me like he had use my mother, and I soon grew to not only love it, but to need it. I'm married now, but Daddy still uses me when my husband's at work. I let him hump my 7-year-old daughter as well, and come in her mouth. Not only that, he dips his weapon in condensed milk, and has my 2-year-old daughter suck him off!

  • Can't say I worry about waiting for my wife to c**. She can use a vibrator later if she wants.

  • Sickaf

  • I want a daughter like you baby x

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