I'm A Gerontophile

I'm attracted to women of all ages, actually, but I do have a thing for older women. There is an 81-year-old woman in my building who I find very sexy. The last woman I had s** with was 60 and I was very turned on by her. I tried to f*** her all the time. I currently have a crush on a woman who is 77. People would disapprove, but there is nothing morally or ethically wrong about this. The 60-year-old and I were consenting adults. People just disapprove because it's different. People don't care if it's an older man with a young woman, so why should it matter if the genders are reversed?



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  • I thought a Gerontophile was someone who fancied Native Indian men!

  • My first sexual experience was with a woman who was 53, I was 16. Since then I am hooked on older females, The oldest one was 86, she felt like butter inside. Most are around 61 to 68.

  • I am friends with this girl that is 5 years younger than me. I f***** her but refused to date her because she's really not my type. Anyway, so one day I go over to her house and her mom is there. Up to now I had never met her mom. Honestly I thought she her friend or something when I walked in and seen her. She introduced me to her and said it was her mother, at which point I said she couldn't be, she's too young to be your mother. That was all it took and we were chatting up a storm like we had known each other for years. The next day she stopped by my house unexpectedly and chatted for several hours. I finally asked her if she wanted to go out. She said no at first because I had been f****** her daughter. Then she said she was too old. I asked her how old she was and turns out shes only 13 years older than me. It took several months of me asking but she finally gave in and we ended up getting married. She still gives me s*** to this day about having f***** her daughter and then marrying the mother. what can I say, the mother is more my type.

  • Hey, the heart wants what the heart wants. I'll bet she put her experience in the bedroom to good use.

  • I also love older women my MIL who is 75
    Caught me sniffing her soiled panties. She didn’t mind this at-all. She now let’s me do this while she’s wearing them. We have s** and she loves when i get an erection. And helps me c**. I’m desperate to be inside her but not so far.

  • I wish you godspeed. Does she have grey hair? I love the silver foxes. I even love grey pubic hair.

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