Older woman

I am 26 years old and male. I want to sleep with an older woman sooo bad!! Not like a 70 yr old woman or anything, but a woman in her late 30's to mid-50's. I think women in that age range are so sexy and hott and I would love to be able to sleep with a woman that age.

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  • Enough is enough from you gordon as well, you don't have a right to even comment. enough is enough from you all. ken included. had enough too? cuz I don't have to answer to you spastic.

  • me to, my friends mom is 55 she looks 40 and is one of the hottest looking people I have seen.

  • f*** your mom then

  • get yourself one whose married........their always so hungry and ready and theres no 'off' switch on those b******

  • You won't like that dry s*****...better stick young and wet.

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