Dad beating me

So one night i accidentally used my brothers toothbrush to clean out the sink and he got p***** and chased me down the hallway and he kicked a hole in the door and we told him about it and we knew he would be mad when he came home anyways so he came home he didn't even say hi or how was your day no he f***** started to yell and cuss at me and i get super triggered when people do that so i plugged my ears and then he wanted me to accept the fact that i was wrong while i was busy folding my laundry he said look at me when i'm talking to you i said no then he slapped me across the face i said don't do that again and he said what are u gonna do about it and then he told me to go sit on the couch and i said no i will stand so he f***** grabbed me by the throat and took me and forced me on the couch and at this point i was so p***** off i didn't want to listen and i was also very very fidgety so I was messing with my headphones and this motherf***** said do it now i said no so he took my phone grabbed his sludge hammer and he threatened to break my phone he said i would learn a lesson and i said you won't do it and he is like yes i will i said ok and then he said you have two seconds to give me your headphones i said no i don't have to there mine so again he grabbed me by the neck and he forcefully took them off so i ran out of the house i got all the way down to DQ and he chased after me and he pushed me to stop me and i hit my head on the concrete and he picked me up over his shoulder and i tried fighting and i screamed but it just was not enough and when we got home he put me down and started hitting me with his fists my whole body still hurts and from this day on i will not ever trust him again.

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  • Tell the cops of a trusted adult good.luck

  • Got snap?

  • How do you "accidentally" use someone's toothbrush to clean a sink?
    And why has no one ever explained punctuation to you?

  • This is where families need respect and formality. But fathers who loose it just loose respect. I was brought up to stand while my father calmly questioned me and then explained what I had done wrong. No shouting. Because I knew I was about to be beaten I usually could not take in what he was saying but he had the authority. Then he would tell me to bend over the couch and he would use the cane on my backside. The rod of correction. None of this fantasy naked spanking that I read about in p***. Totally non sexual. My mother would hold my wrists on the seat of the couch. I'd be screaming and crying and twisting and turning but I'd stay there as best I could. Then I would be released and I would walk no running allowed to my room where I would lay face down on my bed and cry and cry and cry. After a bit my mom would come and comfort me. Later when I was calm I had to go and hug my father and thank him for loving me enough to correct me. And I was genuine in thanking him. I did love him and he loved me.

  • Please talk with me huggs

  • ? were is your mother and how old are you. l am begging you too report him. l am heart broken for you here.? are you a boy or girl and here is a hugg xxxxx

  • ^^^^^^^snowflake parenting ^^^^^^^

  • No, just one of our more obsessive resident pedos touching itself while pretending to care

  • Most of what happened is of your own doing. Running your big mouth and being defiant.

  • F*** you..

  • It's that attitude and mouth that got you in trouble and will continue to do so.

  • My moms a b**** and grounded me and spanked me just over f smokeing and call her a b**** Im 12

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