Army guys are hot

A lot of people hate their army recruiter. Thinking of my own, makes my nipples hard and my puss wet.
My recruiter was dedicated. Accompanying me to the gym, he helped me stretch. Leaning his weight on me, I couldn't help but imagine him slipping into my spread p****. Of course, I was just business to him. He was a 40 year old sergeant. Him rubbing me down afterwards was torture. I was wet through my panties. We hit the sauna together. When my towel slipped, he reached for me.....his knuckles barely grazed my nipples as he adjusted my towel.
At this point, I was frustrated and h**** when we went out for dinner, ordering drinks (even though I was a young looking 19). Trying to get this hot army sergeants attention, i was bra and pantiless . My t*** tingled and my p**** throbbed, as he sat there unaffected.
It was the ice cream that did it. I had given up at this point (may have been pouting). We sat at the oceanfront, licking cones when I felt his hand on my thigh. Squeezing and rubbing so close to my p****, it was torture. I leaned into his hand and his thumb brushed my c***.
Then he slipped two fingers, knuckle deep into my sopping p****. I spread my thighs, shuddering while he finger f***** me on the boardwalk as the sun went down. He leaned forward and licked the top of my b******, nudging the thin tanktop aside to get to nipple. Someone walked by and coughed, so I hastily adjusted clothing and we headed back to the car.
We didn't get to the car. He shoved me inside a gazebo nestled between dunes. I stood on the bench, as I'm small (5'2). To kiss him. I had his attention now. He spun me around, so I had to bend over, grasping the rail. He face was under my skirt, sucking my lips, then tongue f****** me. When he started nibbling, I came all over his face. But I wanted d***. I pulled my shirt up, and he feasted on my throbbing t*** while I pulled out his c***. I leaned in and licked his length before sucking him to the b****. With one hand on the back of my head, and the other in my (wet again) p****, I rocked hard against him. But I like my nipples pinched. So I sat on the railing, legs and p**** spread and played with my t***. He got the hint, sucking and squeezing as he slid that d*** into me. He pounded me forward and back all over that gazeebo. I came 4 times before he took me home.
Training sessions were more fun after that. While stretching, he'd slip a finger in my p****, I'd rub his b****. When no one was looking (and sometimes when they were) I would flash some nipple. We f***** in the locker room. He'd finger me to madness at dinner, so I sucked his c*** on the drive home.
I don't even remember his name, but damn I'm h**** thinking about him. I wonder if a stranger would finger me in a bar? I'd return with a b******

Apr 10, 2019

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  • I’ve had a fantasy to finger a hot stranger in a bar... we should rendezvous...

  • My husband is in the army. He gets deployed for what is an eternity. I used to get lonely so resorted to using my vibrator. That is until I found out there are also a lot of h**** army guys around the base. Whenever I need a good f****** I just go down to the bar and find me a soldier to f***. The best ones are the ones getting ready to leave.

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