I LOVE Using Men

I'm Debby and I LOVE using men. I have a boyfriend and for the past 25 years we've had what I call a Saturday Date. He drives 50 minutes to my house on Saturday and gets there by noon. He's not allowed to get there any earlier.

When he shows up he brings me gifts (flowers, new shoes, dress, etc.) Then he takes me out to lunch (he buys). On some Saturdays I have him doing chores around my house like cleaning my pool, fixing my deck or screened porch.

Then he takes me to dinner (he buys) and then I send him back home.

He also would drive 50 miles to my house, mow my yard, then drive back home. He did wise up and figured out that was dumb.

When there are the some occasions where he spends the night I make him sleep on the couch.

He also would babysit my kid during those Saturday's when I had to work. I had a free babysitter.

He also paid my vacations and some included my son. Cruises. Mexico. Vegas.

My boyfriend wants to marry me but why should I? I have him wrapped around my little finger and he's too stupid to realize it. I LOVE it!

I also use other men that I have them fooled into thinking I'm a friend. They are so dumb! I even had one guy give me free flying lessons and give me rides in his airplane. I also had two other guys give me free rides in their airplanes. Since these guys don't give me anymore free airplane rides I haven't said a word to them.

I know how to put on the charm. Dying my hair blonde helps these guys become so dumb that I can use them. Blondes do have more fun!!

I am the sweetest thing when I'm talking to them but then I bad mouth them or joke about then behind their backs. My boyfriend also joins in with poking fun about them behind their backs.

I really don't care about them. Proof is when some of them were in the hospital I never checked up on them. Why should I when I can't get free stuff from them. When my boyfriend was in pain from kidney stones I called him a baby.

This is my confession.

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  • You will never fall in love and probably die alone.

  • So, basically, your a player? And you call him stupid but really, you're stupid. I hope you don't think you'll be in a actual relationship. (Probably not.)

  • I'd love to promise you the world, but not deliver on any of it, I'd turn up in a rental car when I meet you at the airport, probably a Lotus and let you think I own it outright. I'd promise you a brand new Mustang or car of your choice, a mansion in Los Angeles, a holiday home on Sydney Harbor (that I'd rent for a day) and have a plane in a hangar in a backyard shed, again having you think I own it outright. I'd ask you to pay for a one way fare for you to arrive in OZ Then when I've f ucked you, I'd f uck you over and ask you to find your own way home? You're a f ucking b itch.

  • So what happens when you fall in love? Will you be able to have a real relationship, when all you know is hurting those who love you?

  • Succubus......

  • The way i am gonna use you bitchh u won’t able to use anyone

  • Is there any way I can get an application?

  • The Black Widow consuming the lifeforce of simple minded males that think that they have a chance to mate with the spider... Eventually the Black Widow gets too old... and there aren't any more souls drawn to the spider... and she dies all alone.

  • I am the same. I have 5 boyfriends right now, and I love all the action and all the attention and all the presents and all the money. and I also love all the c****.

  • God you are such a lucky f****** girl! i wish i was you!!!

  • I am a submissive husband. My wife is totally in control. She controls my o****** and teases me. So I understand their motivation. The difference is that my wife like, loves and cares for me. Yes she is indpendant and in control and I have to submit, obey and yield to her but she cares and that is something that makes it.

  • Reminds me of an ex-girlfriend I dumped 10 years ago.

  • There's the downside right there: doing what these girls are doing will only assure that they get the heave-ho. BECAUSE IT'S WHAT THEY DESERVE!

  • I love your attitude and I intend to use you as a role model. I'm 17 and I have been using men ever since I started dating, although I've been more secretive than you, mostly to protect my parents. My best girlfriend says I think of men as "disposable" and I guess that's true. After reading your post, I'm going to start being more aggressive about these relationships and get as much as I can from these tools. Thank you.

  • *Drool*

  • I'll be that tool

  • Ah, good: I like a man who does as he's told.

  • I'll do anything you ask

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