Padding Reality

I have been tying a sock into the crotch of my underwear to give the illusion of packing a huge one down there. It looks authentic. Just my secret... Any harm in that? Don't girls wear padded bras?

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  • You know... a lot of girls just wear padded bras so guys can't see their nipples.

  • Why stuff your pants.... a man is not measured by the inches of his d***, but by his heart, soul and imagination. Dude, you must be very insecure. Just chill and let it swing naturally... presuming it is not so small that it is just a inch long stubb...

  • saw that LPSG site / man what HUGE d**** out there...

  • the world is to d*** size crazed... check out LPSG on line..

  • Most guys aren't that wel hung eh? Guess I'm a rare one then and I always get high marks or the shock and awe syndrome upon display.. But stuffing your shorts is unreal... don't all d**** get bigger at the necessary time? Werid.

  • We were just wondering how it would feel cause most guys are not that well endowed. About the only thing large d**** are good for is doggie position... short d**** have a hard time staying in.

  • Then why do so many like the big boys then? I always notice them checking out my bulging package...

  • Bigger is NOT better. Bigger hurts!

  • I guess with all the p*** sites showing the oversized guys and bigger is better in American syndrome, this is a normal phenomena.. So girls, better feel the goods before buying the milk.... haha

  • Friend works in ER / says amazed at how many guys come in all padded up down there.. what a world!!!

  • what are you gonna do when you want to have s**? pull out the sock in front of her?

  • Interesting concept. I wonder how many guys do that?

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