Gay guys fess up

If you are embarrassed or not I don't care. I am a gay guy who loves turning straight guys! I want to hear from gay guys about what is the freakiest thing you ever did to bag a straight guy???
Mine was like 12 years ago (maybe). Morgantown, West Virginia on a weekday afternoon. Don't know if it is even still there but there was an old fashioned downtown movie theater. One huge screen only. Anyway say like the last "Living Dead" movie on a weekday afternoon. Only me and one other person in the place. When I walked in he was sitting in the last row middle. I sat down maybe 10 seats away from him. Give it maybe 30 minutes into the movie I moved over a seat from him and made some small talk about the movie. He seemed cool so I took things further. I began rubbing my crotch and made sure he noticed. When he didn't freak I pulled out my c*** and began stroking it. I reached over and began rubbing his crotch. He spread his legs and gave me the room to open his pants and stroke his c***. I quickly got between his legs and sucked him hard. I raised up and bent over the seat in front of him. With lots of spit and pressure he was soon sliding in me. It was great knowing we could get caught any minute. He pounded me and gave me a huge creampie. The rear of my shorts were soaked when I walked out of the theater!

Jul 15


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  • I’m ready to try being turned.

  • This is why you people are fvcking disgusting.

  • My coworker Pete is arrow straight and hot. Penn Township PA, not far from West Virginia! I saw his wife Peggy tickle his ribs in their kitchen and he went thru the roof! She told me he’s very ticklish and can’t stand being tickled.

    Sooo….the following weekend when I had Pete alone, we played billiards, he was tipsy, he was losing. I told him winner takes all on the final game. He lost badly, I told him I wanted to see how ticklish he really was.

    I tickled his feet with his socks on, and Pete was losing his mind! I peeled off his socks and attacked his bare feet mercilessly with my nails. Next I pinned him down and went for his armpits, over, and under his shirt.

    When I got to his nipples Pete was a goner, I heard a moan, saw the bulge in his pants, he was mine! He didn’t resist as I removed his pants. I slid my hands up his boxer shorts and tickled his entire groin, he laughed, squirmed, and his precome coated my hands.

    I unbuttoned the shorts and ripped them open, his manhood was spectacular, hard, throbbing, wet with precome. My head was spinning as I took his meat in my mouth, a few inches at first then his entire shaft. He was paralyzed with pleasure as I slid a pinky in his ass and sucked him.

    He tried to pull away as his o***** approached, but I held him securely and made sure he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed the first 3 big spurts, then let my mouth fill with his hot s****, then kissing him in the lips we shared the remaining seed.

    I loved getting a straight guy out of his clothes and in my mouth!

  • A perfect Monkey Pox candidate.

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