I am a thief

When I was a kid I always thought it was wrong to steal. Even just taking a few cents from someone made me feel bad. But then my mother while addicted to drugs made me steal. She made me help her steal from my grandmother. She made me help her shoplift. I knew it was wrong. Now as an adult I have no problem taking things that don't belong to me because I know I deserve it. I just take minor things. If I know I can get away with taking something from a store without paying I do it. I feel so good afterwards. I've stolen money from family and friends. Not that much. But still it didn't belong to me. Well I'm poor. I work hard and am still poor. I still minor things from my job including time and that really makes me feel great. I no longer care. I am not a bad person. Or maybe I am and I just don't care.


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  • Do you steal dirty panties? And if so,who's?

  • Girl friend

  • Lame.
    How about someone a bit more daring?
    Thought you called yourself a thief?!!!!!

  • I am the OP and never said I stole panties. Some idiot is making up stories on my confession.

  • Ah ok👍.
    But have you stolen them tho? I'm not a theif and yet I do!

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