Hi my names owen i am 15 me and a few of my friends steal i mean ALOT never from family except when its desuvred like my b**** cousin sucking my grandma out of all her money all day no probelm but i don't think i am a bad person but lately i feel so guilty and i don't know why i mean i have been stealing my whole it always felt good like u should have this then it gets miss place and i never get caught i mean ever i mean its not like we go hit houses i mean alot once or twice there was a guy we really hated in school and we took alot from him but mostly we stole from wallmart like head phones and game controllers and thing expansive we would take the stuff out of the box then stuff it where ever we could then walk out next day one of our other friends would return it for us then we keep the money after we share it around or we steal bikes and seal them to who ever wants it if we dont get rid of it in a few days we leave it close by the house we fond it and we were just trying to have money and alot of our parnets would steal from us so it felt like we were just geting it back u know
and even my little couin billy would come with us any one who wanted to come could and no one ever told on us or any thing and no one used the money for bad things i mean chris bout his first car and i am saving billyes money for him so he can go to collge cause i know his fucken mom steals like a liying b**** dog she is so i geuss i am trying to ask is

is it ok to steal if your doing to help out eachother cause if money didnt affect every thing we need to do and no one else is going to help us and summer jobs arent enough workin on the farm i wouldnt steal

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  • The two things that decent people hate the most are a liar and a thief...and you are both. Better clean it up while you are still a kid, or you will be dead or in jail before you ever get a chance to grow up.

  • It is tough out there in the world. Understandable. You can't make a lot of money if you're a teenager or don't have a lot of education. But you're trying to justify stealing. And it's not okay. Doesn't matter how old you are, where you live, what you do, race, religion etc. It's against the law. Period. And you and your friends can do time if caught. It's just of matter of when, not if. Did you know that if your with one of your friends and they commit a crime, you would be considered an accessory. You could do time just for being in the same place. The reality of life, there will always be someone who has more than you do. Get used to it. Life is not fair. When it comes right down to it..How would you feel if someone were to steal from you? Just because? Do something else to make money.. you're 15..get a job in town or something. Don't f*** up your life with stealing.

  • I have a job but i still dont have enough money

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