Love tall fat woman

I have an affinity for tall fat women. My girlfriend is 28 yr old 6-2 400 lbs and I want her to be over 600 lbs. I am a small guy, only 5-4 140 lbs 47 yrs old. We get the strangest looks and comments. She notices it but I just enjoy her company.

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  • I love the size difference between my 630lb wife & my 140lb body.She's only 5'6" and I'm not much taller, but the size difference with her being so fat turns both of us on. We have both fattened up to that weight.

  • I like them too.
    My sis in laws cousin,who we see a lot if at family gatherings and down the beach etc,is prob 6'1" and id say pushing 20 stone.
    She's amazing,she was at the beach this last Easter wknd,and the hut is raised off the beach,she was sat on the hut on a chair,and my eyeline was pretty much in her gusset. I could see her slit and god I got so hot imagining pulling it to the side and tasting her! All hot and sweaty from the heat.
    I'm going to have a wan.k now thinking about her

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