Our family is overweight

Our family is very overweight. My wife is well over 600 lbs and I’m north of 450 lbs myself. We have two beautiful daughters who both take after their mother. Our oldest is 12 and weighs 290 lbs and our youngest is 10 and 220 lbs. They have healthy appetites and are quite happy and well adjusted.

22 days

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  • I'm nobody to talk but sounds like early grave. I hate being 6 ft 230

  • Hi, we're like y'all. My wife was 250 when we first met and she's got slowly bigger ever since. 4 years later she's now around 375. She loves to cook good Southern food, which of course is all fattening stuff. She loves it when I eat a lot of her cooking so I've gone from right around 190 to 290. We have a 3 year old son who's quite chubby too. While my wifey has gotten fat slower than me, she keeps saying I's too skinny and I make her look bad with her friends, cause they'll think she ain't feeding me enough! So we all happily keep on packin it on. I'd like to see her gain faster--I want to see her at 400 before the holidays.

  • Just curious, has she or you developed any health problems?

  • I fatten my wife. She loves to eat and has almost no willpower to stop herself, so I make sure there are plenty of snacks and really delicious food around, and I'm constantly offering her stuff when I'm home from work, and like a good piggy, she eats everything i set in front of her. She has put on 200 pounds since we got married 10 years ago. The first year or so it took a lot of reassurance that I was OK with her getting plump, but now she doesn't care any more, especially now that I increasingly have had to do more things for her which she no longer can (or wants to ) do. It looks like she will just keep eating and gaining for quite a while yet.

  • OP here. When we met my wife was 300 lbs and has always loved being fat. She also loves to cook, as my increasing size can confirm. The two of us enjoy fattening up immensely.

    Our daughters similarly enjoy eating and we have tried to raise them to be happy with being fat and not feel ashamed of their bodies.

  • That's good to hear. There is just too much fat discrimination in this country. My wife is nearly 430 pounds now. We have a daughter who is 8 and she is taking after my lovely wife and is 190 pounds. I've put on some weight but am only 215. Our doctor keeps threatening us with terrible diseases but for years now, my wife has been healthy, and our girl too. I'M the one with high cholesterol. Go figger!
    Anyways, I'm glad for you and your family. My wife's sister's family tries to be slim and trim, and they have a boy who is the pickiest eater and skinny as a rail. I tell ya, I'd much rather have my plump girl that eats well!

  • What does your daughter think of her weight? My girls are both very happy with their bodies and are looking forward to getting fatter.

  • I starve my wife and daughters. They are skinny as.
    Everyone weighs themselves each day and plots their weight on a chart.
    Each to their own.

  • Good to hear. My wife is also overweight, though she's only right around 400 pounds. She's made sure our beautiful daughter is always well fed, and she is. She's 15 and just now around 275-280ish. I, on the other hand am the skinny one at only 250, lol. Both of my women are healthy, happy and enjoying life. My wife has zero thoughts of slowing down or losing weight, which makes me very happy.

  • I’m glad to see others raising happy, healthy, fat families too.

  • Healthy and fat do not go together. You are setting up your kids for major health issues.

  • That’s not what our doctor says.

  • Because they are afraid of being sued and cancelled by the woke psychos.

    Enjoy your diabetes

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