My girlfriend is making me fat

Lately in my current relationship I've been putting on a lot of weight mostly because of my new girlfriend. She has a tendency to cook really high-calorie meals and insists that we go out all the time to fast food or other places, then orders a ton of stuff for me and very little for her. She seems to like me being fat and because of her I've gone from being 150 lbs to about 235 lbs in the past few months. 
I've tried to ask her to stop this but she just stops for a few days and then goes right back to it. I really like her but I feel like she has me in a cycle of eating with no way out, and it's really hard for me to turn her down.

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  • She may be the type that figure keep you unattractive is a way of keeping you with her. If you really like her stop listening to her, if necessary, stop speeding time with her. If she really likes you she would heed to your request.

  • Get away before you are a blob!

  • Blimp. Maybe you can float away one day.

  • Floating away would be fun. I would love to float to Italy and eat kick ass, authentic Italian food and those cannolis to die for. And omg! the pizza would be soooo good. After that I would float to China and land on the Great Wall. If my wife didn't float with me, I would check out some hot, Chinese babes. Oh, yeah, I would eat loads of Chinese food there too. If I could float like blimp in the air, maybe I could float on the water of the Yangtze River like a boat. If so, I would visit dudes and babes in houseboats and play Chinese checkers with them and maybe catch some of those big ass Chinese goldfish and bring them home (Can you eat those suckers?}. I so hope I blimp out and float away. I would save tons on air fare. Nobody would charge me more for a bigger seat on airplanes, and nobody would make me go through those damn security gates or wait for baggage that could get lost. Thanks blimp dude for your inspiration.

  • If you don't go to Australia you're missing out on an experience down under. Be sure to stop there on your floating trip.

  • Capital idea! I would love to eat a vegemite sandwich and hear those Aussies talk with their cool accents and say stuff like G'day mate. I could check out hot shelias and watch kick ass kangaroos box like pros. I would learn how to play one of those long wooden pipes that make insanely good sounds. And, man o man, I would so do the outback and ride wild-ass ostriches, eat emu steaks, and look for those lizards who run on two legs and make their heads blow up monster-like. After that, I'd probably float to New Zealand to take in the sights where the Hobbit movie was filmed! Awesome!

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