Secret Fantasy

I believe that rape is wrong on so many levels, but I have such a big fantasy of being raped by a hot strong man with a huge d***. If it actually happened im sure I wouldnt like it but i get so f****** wet when I image it while im masturbating.

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  • This is more common than you'd expect.

  • I hope you are too, but not by your fantasy man. That'll shut you up good.

  • Many years ago I was able to rape a woman who was jogging at 3 am on New years Eve during a snow storm. The second time was a 84 year old woman and I climbed into her window late at night and rapped her. She was really incredible with her saggy b**** with big dark areolas they really turned me on and I couldn't believe how tight she was. At first she resisted but after a few minutes she was like having s** with a p*** star. I could believe how wet she got and she was bucking her hips up and down in time with me pounding deep inside of her v*****.

  • Not what you think it will be, I was walking home one night and two guys held me down in the alley one would sit on my shoulders as I was face down in the dirt and the other would do stuff.
    I couldn't scream or yell, All I could do was cry as they took turns in both holes, then left me there in the dirt and took my shorts forcing me to sneak home in the dark with no pants.
    I have never told anyone till now.

  • Tease the s*** out of some guy for a while and see if he will eventually take you down.

    I have this girl that used to do it me. I found out how hot she gets when I choke her. I never really forced her too much but I would a least kiss her back and belly while she fought me off. She used to like to hug me a lot but that was it. One day while we were hugging I took my Rock hard c*** and shoved it up her shirt agaisnt her belly. Got a little precum on her ; ). Anyway never forced her because I don't think she actually wanted me to go that far. But you do, so make it work!

  • Not an unusual fantasy but a world away from actual rape.

  • Be careful what you wish for.

    When I was 18, I went camping alone in California.

    3 guys, grab me in the middle of the night.

    They used me for 4 days. They forced me to preform oral many time, ass f***** me and came in my p**** dozens of times. I was one the pill luckly.

    It f***** up my life as I came almost every time they used me.

    Even during oral. They fingered hard to make me c**.

    I know it was just my body's reaction, but I still feel ashamed I came so much.

    I'm 48 now and can only c** if the guy get very very rough with me. It f**** up every relationship.

    It got so bad have to go the heavy BDSM clubs to just c** on a regular basis.

    Even just masterbating it takes an hour
    of really hurt myself with the d**** to c**.

    I'm in h***.

  • Do you also have a big fantasy of being a professional victim once you've been raped?

  • I really enjoy the news of some one being brutally raped by many men over and over again

  • Love to watch you rubbing your wet p****

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