Fat mom and son

I'm 50 years old now 5 feet tall and 195 lbs.

I had not been with a man in years since my husband dump me and left our son. I was 25. My ex disappeared and has not been heard from since.

My son Glenn is now 25 and I were always very close. And after after my husband left when Glenn was 6. My son started sleeping in my bed.

By his teen years he would sleep only in boxers spooning me a I often felt his morning wood press against my ass. I slept in Gleen's tshirt as her was tall and muscular. Each morning fought the urge to touch his c***. I spent hours each day masterbating when he was in school thinking about him inside me. I wished I could be his wife and lover. I was disgusted with myself but knew only he could make me happy.

One day when he was 15, I was showering and he got in with me. I told he to leave, but he said I can't fight it anymore Mom. You are so beautiful and your body is perfect. I need to see you naked and to touch you. I love you so much your are my prefect woman.

I was stunned, by what he said. He longed for what I wanted. But I said Glenn your confused. He looked at me and said look at my c*** Mom, you make me rock hard.

I looked and his c*** was hard and it was huge. 9 inches and thick. Glenn's muscles gleamed as the shower water hit them.

He touched my face and kissed me, I pulled back, but he pulled me to him kissing me harder. I responded and kissed back.

I was confused, and turned on , no man had wanted be with me. Now my son was saying he was in love with me and I was prefect.

I felt his c*** pressed against me, i looked at him and turned around. I looked over my shoulder and whispered F*** Me.

I nearly screamed as he entered me. My p**** was super tight, as I never masturbated with d****.

He f***** me and I slowly got wet. He also lasted a long time. I came several time so hard it hurt. He came after 20 minutes inside me.

I could barely stand. He picked me up with no effort. My head on his shoulder and he placed me on our bed.

Mom I love so much, i wanted you to be my first time. And you were. I want only you. Let me love you.

I looked at him and pulled him close. I said I'll do what ever you want, I be your s** toy, your lover. your.. I stopped not daring to say it.

Then Glenn said, My wife. I nodded not able to speak the words. He started kissing me, in a few minutes his mouth was on my p**** licking me. His massive c*** was in my mouth. I gagged but kept sucking I came two times then he came I could barely swallow it all.

He came up can we were face to face. Kissed me hard and deep. his c** still on my lips.

Glenn said, this is only the beginning, I'm your husband now and your my wife. Nothing will change that.

It been 10 years now of happiness and love with Glenn. The s** is even more red hot than at the beginning. When Glenn was 18 and I was 43, we became pregnant and have a beautiful daughter.

No man has ever made me feel as beautiful, sexy and loved like Glenn.

I have surrender my body and soul to him.


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  • Ha ha

  • All fiction. Penthouse Letters would be the best place for this. They used to pay 25 for a published letter. All of them start with -you won't believe it but it's true I swear!-
    There are forums just for this. Other places though.

    Real and mundane confessions please. Not your soft-core novel.

  • Similar thing happened with me and my mother.

    We were together as a couple for 40 years, until she died at 80.

    Best s** I had in my life was with her. I miss her and the feel of her body.

  • Just dig her up and have another go

  • He was the one in your stomach, you had s** to have

  • Wtf is wrong with you lady that is your g******* son

  • Is it really that wrong? I don't think so.

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