Wham Bam Thank you mam's

My wife is 40 and I am 43, Her friend ever since highschool (Carrie) is also 40 and recently divorced, Last night me and my wife had a threeway with Carrie and it was AWESOME!!!
To my knowledge my wife had never been with a girl before and after going clubbing we all stumbled into our house and it was just like everyone knew what was happening, We were all making out and groping and taking off each others clothes as we worked our way to the bedroom, My wife is quite petite, 5'3" and 125 lbs, Small chested, Carried is around the same height, A bit thicker and big chested, Carrie and I have never done anything, Nothing, Not a flash, A grope, A flirt, Nothing, I see her in a bathing suit once in a while but that's it so I was quite excited at the prospect of seeing her undressed.
My wife was down to her thong and Carrie to her thong and bra and I in just my boxer briefs when we all stopped and there was a moment of pause, I thought my wife was going to put on the brakes but instead she pulled Carrie on top of her as they fell on the bed.
My wife was on her back with Carrie on all fours on top of her as they kissed, Carrie had her knees up against my wife's butt and my wife had her legs up crossed around carries waist, I pulled Carries panties down and let me say she looked good from behind, Nice pink lips, Cute little pink butt hole, Bit of a big butt which looked amazing in that position, I was working back and forth between Carrie and my wife, Licking and rubbing and fingering, My wife put her legs down just long enough to get her thong off and wrapped them around Carrie again. I worked my way up Carries back stopping to suck on my wife's toes and undid Carries bra as she whipped it off and tossed it across the room.
I continued kissing my way up her back until I looked over her shoulder at my wife, My wife had her head back, Eyes closed as Carrie nibbled her neck and ear lobe, My wife turned and looked at me breathing heavy and bit her bottom lip, I had my c*** in Carries butt crack rubbing back and forth on her butt hole as my wife reached between her and Carrie, I could feel her rubbing Carrie then I pulled back and she grabbed my shaft as i slid into Carrie, Carrie was tight but dripping wet, She moaned deep then gasped as she breathed in, With every inch I slid into her she twitched and moaned until I was all the way in, She laid her head beside my wife's as I slowly started f****** her.
My wife shuffled down with her legs still around Carries waist so her ass was sticking out between Carries thighs, My b**** were slapping my wife's p**** as I started banging Carrie harder and after a minute or two my wife reached between them and pulled me out of Carrie shoving my c*** in her, I went back and forth nailing them both in that position then grabbed my wife's ankles and lifted her legs more, I nailed her hard and in just a few seconds she started moaning and I could feel her get tighter then her p**** relaxed as she moaned "F*** yes" over and over and she got wetter and wetter, I kept f****** my wife until she told me to let her legs down and she pulled me out of her putting me back in Carrie, My wife was holding Carrie by the hips while I pounded her hard and in a minute or so Carrie came too.
Before Carrie could totally relax I rolled her onto her back and f***** her hard with my wife licking, Sucking and pinching Carries big, Brown nipples, Carrie looked up at me and said "Come for me baby" so I shoved my d*** deep in her and her eyes got wide as I hit bottom, Her eyes rolled back in her head and she came a second time as I held it there coming too, I held it there making her moan and twitch until i started to go limp, When I finally slid out of her tight p**** I flopped onto the bed, I already had plans to get hard again and f*** Carried as many times as I could but my wife laid there and didn't say a word as Carrie very quickly got dressed and bolted out the door with me trying to say "Hey, Don't leave, Stay, There's room for you", Then she left the bedroom, I heard the front door close and she was gone.
I looked at my wife and she said "Lock the door", I locked the door and when i came back she was asleep leaving me the side with the wet spot, This morning when I woke up I looked at her and said "Sooo..." My wife just said "Shhh" and I said "Ummm" and she cut me off saying "No...Just...Shush" so I left it at that, I haven't tried to bring it up since but...I kinda want to talk to her about it.

Apr 15, 2019

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  • Vague start then precise positions for s** and the standard 1 of 5 fetishes. Swapping, cuckold, age-span, step-whatever, brother sister mom, bull, threesomes MMF FFM.....
    All nearly the same pace and length. Simular paragraph patterns. Damn near self plagerism.


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