Im 16 years old, 10th grade, my life isnt even that bad, i live in a small town, i have a mom and step dad who both love me, i live a decent life, BUT somthing has taken a toll on me, i love to draw i used to do it all day everyday its my biggest passion in life. as of recently i have never had the motivation to draw because there is so much s*** on my plate and its draining me physically, mentally and emotionally. EVERYDAY i have to wake up at 6, go to school till 3, go to track practice until 5:30 then i have to walk home, then i have to clean the house. Ik people have it worse than me but this f****** sucks!! everyday im worn out and dead yet people still expect lots from me, if i fall short im grounded or bitched at. everyone around me do nothing but COMPLAIN thats ALL people do! cause you know f*** logic and reasoning im mad so im gonna be vocal about it...WTF?? BUT WHEN I GET MAD ITS oooh calm down your fine stop being a b****, like F*** YOU IM TIERD OF IT ALL, on top of that i need to get another job, a car, and plan out my life after highschool, im just tierd of being tierd

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  • How is one tierd, exactly? Good thing you don't need to be literate or mentally stable to draw. Don't reproduce, k?

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