I was beaten up by my cousin

A few years ago, my aunt called me and asked if I could keep an eye on my 15 year old female cousin, while she was out of town. I had always gotten along fine with my cousin, so I said no problem. I stopped by on my way home from work, and she started acting really weird. I'm 9 years older than her, so we really don't have anything in common. She's a big girl, almost the same height as me, and probably a little heavier. She started pushing me around the room, and eventually tackled me and pinned me to the floor. I got out of there as quickly as I could, and haven't really spoken about it.

Dec 14, 2017

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  • I would never allow a child too raise their hand too me. That child would have had her ass whipped..

  • Tell her parents and let them deal with her..

  • I really can't, her parents are super strict, and it would cause major family problems.

  • You should tell her parents as i suggested and strict or not. Let them too her punishment and i know if she was our daughter we would give her a sound spanking...

  • Well its her parents choice how they deal with their daughter. How old is she and she sounds like a little brat. I know if she was our daughter she would be grounded for a long time and time too think about her behaviour ass she lyeing on her tummy with early bedtime for two weeks and a panties down spanking from my husband and I. So tell her parents as it sounds like your cousin could use a trip over her parents knee. Lets know how you get on and dont allow her too bully you or anybody else any longer....

  • I think she likes you..... :)

  • I think that is possible as well.

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