Sister and Brother Love

My twin brother and I fell in love at 10 years old.

It was kissing and touching until 13.

Then it proceeded to more by 15 it was love making in every way.

We are both 50 now and live like we are married with a son 25 and daughter 23.

On her death bed 9 years ago our mother told us, she and our father knew about our relationship. And accepted it as we loved each other so much.

But then the real shock came.

Dad and Mom were also brother and sister. The family disowned them that is why they always said we have no other family and there were no pictures from when they were kids.

It hurt they lied to us, but now we accept it.

Soon after that we told the kids the whole truth. They accepted it, and said that explains why they are attached to each other.

5 years later they came to us on college Christmas Break and said they love each other and are a couple.

They live together, but have decided not to have children.


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  • If you want f*** your kid to

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  • So that explains why you are so f****** stupid and write the dumbest bullshit stories on here.

  • Many incestuous couples have healthy children but should be able to seek advice because of the risks involved.

  • And I wonder, if you had created disabled children, who pays to look after them. From a moral point of view, touch and f*** as much as you like but why should you run the higher risk of creating disabled kids that the rest of us pay to support.

  • Explain why there are many children to non related couples in the children's hospital with defects ? Those couples did not have incest relationships.

  • Simple. Because they Lack faith in Jesus.

  • Good point

  • 3rd gen incest gets risky. Good idea not to breed.

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