My boyfriend’s sister.

My boyfriend’s sister isn’t very nice to me but she’s also not rude. When I first started dating him, I tried to be nice to all his family, including his sister, especially because we are the same age. When it was her birthday, I hugged her and said “Happy Birthday” (that’s the most affection I’ve shown). When it was her high school graduation, I got her balloons and flowers and all she said was, “Thanks”. Not even a hug or a smile. I was the only one that had given her something that day. Whenever I visit, she never greets me or even looks at me so, I stopped giving a s*** as well. Recently, I helped her out by giving her boyfriend a ride. We both drove a 2-hour drive for a family’s event. What really bothered me was that she wasn’t the one that texted me to ask if I could give her boyfriend a ride, it was her boyfriend. And on the way back, she sat on the back, barely spoke to me, and I spent the whole ride talking to her boyfriend, who sat in the passenger seat, and who I barely knew. And as you guessed (well, probably not) she only said “Thank you”. Another thing I want to mention before I finish this confession is that she’s really pretty. I don’t know if she can tell that I’m not confident enough, because I’m not. I’m really insecure about my body and I’ve been trying to lose weight for the longest time. I feel like she’s trying to prove that she’s prettier than me. One time, when I was waiting for my boyfriend in the living room, she had just gotten home and she walked into the restroom (without acknowledging me), left the door open where I could see her long legs and thin body as she was fixing her hair and makeup. Maybe it’s all in my head but there must be a reason why I never feel comfortable. I hope I’m not right because then I’ll always feel like s*** whenever she’s around.

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  • She may be prettier than you on the exterior but you're way prettier than her on the interior. She's got a f***** up personality.

  • Good one....

  • I will smack her for you.

  • Slap that b****

  • Ignore her...

  • Do you find that you are attracted to her?

  • If you got on with her boyfriend why don't you try and f*** him. Maybe he would prefer your personality to hers and if you give him what all men want in a super slutty way, doing things the stuck-up b**** might not allow him to do, he could be persuaded. Then you would forever have one over on the unfriendly c***.

  • Why don't you just enjoy a nice fuckk with your BF and let the w**** die alone

  • Oh can I sniff your dirty panties please?


  • Chill out dude it's a confession site

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