I was Daddy's toy.

I’m a 70-year-old woman, this year my 95-year-old father died.

From age 10, until the day he died (over 60 years) I gave my father at least one b******* a day.

I my parents were always arguing, and mom was dying from cancer and would beg him not to leave. On the night of my 10th birthday in 1959 Mom dressed me is a very short white silk night gown. It was it was so sheer I could see my nipples. She put red lipstick on both of us. Then Mom brought me to their bedroom.

Dad was packing his things.

Mom started to cry, and said, “Please don’t leave me. You can have Kelly, anytime you want, you can have us both at the same time.”

Mom dropped her rope and was naked. She was thin from the cancer in her body, but her b**** were still firm. Daddy, said “Both of you go to the bed, start kissing each other.” He undressed and laid down and watched.

Mom was trying to kissing me, I resisted, but Mom looked at me sadly and I started to kiss her back.

Mom then said, “Kelly you do as I show you”. She took Dad’s c*** in her mouth for a few minutes and he became hard.

Then she guided me to him. I was very scared. “Mom no, no.” I started crying, “Please baby, it the only way he will stay. My body won’t last much longer he not going to want me” Then I felt his hand on my head. I was on my knees my ass slightly up in the air as I bent to his c***.

He said, “I love you sweet heart make Daddy feel good”. “Mommy, please”. But she guided me to his c***, and whispered “You must baby”.

I licked it a few times and took the head in my mouth, and began moving up and down a little. Mom guide me gently.

I heard Dad say, “Yes Kelly that way, you are such a good girl You’re a natural”. Then he said to Mom, “Eat her p****”. “No please John, No.” “Eat Her Now, B****”.

I felt mom lift the night gown, I then the rush as her tongue lick my p****. I tried to move but she held me in place and continued to lick. I kept sucking Dad's c*** not sure what was happening to my body.

A warm feeling from mom licking was building in me, then I almost passed out from the sudden wave of spasms the hit my body.

I heard Dad, say, “You just made your daughter c**. I knew you were a lesbian. I bet she not the first young girl you’ve eaten. Come here and help her suck. When I c** it going in her mouth.”

Mom complied and soon, Dad was breathing hard. “Here it come”, and Mom placed my mouth over the head. The c** was so salty, and I gagged as it was in my mouth, I tried to spit it out but Mom whispered “You have to swallow it.”

I was crying, but I swallowed.

After a few minutes Dad, said,” You did great Kelly, you are going to be an excellent lover”.

This continued, for two months, as Mom trained me to please Dad. I stated to sleep in their bed each night. He made Mom and me go 69, until we both came.

Mom cried each morning after Dad went to work. I would hold her and try to comfort her. Then one morning, she began crying and kissed me and said, “Kelly, make me feel good, I want to feel good”, she opened her rope, her body was so thin from the cancer at that point. I willingly sank to my knees, preformed oral s** on her. Dad didn’t know it but I did this to Mom every day until she went to the hospital just before she died.

After Mom died when I was 11, he used me all the time, when we were home. I was Dad’s a play thing.

Each morning I started the day, by giving him a b*******.

At night he masturbates me constantly, as we sat on the sofa and he also went down on me several times a day. To this day, I believe the constant stimulation and o****** that I had, brought on early puberty. By 12 years old, I was wearing 34B bra, and my period stated.

Dad’s continue to train me. To the point that if he didn’t have s** with me for a day my body craved his touch and I would beg him to use me. I was so scared he would leave me; I did anything he asked.

On my 14th birthday he took my virginity and I was his completely his.

56 years later I was still Dad’s s** toy. Even in his 90’s he wanted s** constantly.

The last day of his life, we 69’ed 3 times, I came multiple time from his talented tongue and he came in my mouth each time and as always, I swallowed.

I’m a 70-year-old woman, with no family or friends. My life was spent sexually pleasing my Father. As a child I was a victim of incest, but as an adult I fell in love with my father, in both of our minds I was his wife.

I spend my days morning his death. M********* for hours on end, while watch s** tape of us he made.

I long for his touch.


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  • Very touching, I’m so sorry for your loss. Hopefully you will find another to use you, your still young and very hungry. It will help relieve the pain of his loss.

  • Tell me more

  • Im here also sister kk and huggs too yous all kk.sister

  • I will keep waiting here for you kk sister and huggs too yous all kk sister

  • I hope your looking for me kk sister and huggs too yous all kk sister

  • I no you will look for me sister kk and huggs too yous all kk sister

  • Im begg you sister kk

  • Why the f is it doing this sister kk

  • Please please see this kk sister and not again kk sister and huggs too yous all sister kk

  • Dam girl , at 70 you sure could use another D***.

  • I can't believe that some can be so low level just gain some attention....literally fuckk u OP bastardd and grow up

  • He waited too long should be sucking before 10

  • Do you want me to come and f*** you I love women 70 plus x

  • I'm glad hes dead.
    And I'll smile when I know you are.

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