So dang close

My 44 year old wife got wild last weekend, I was so sure it was going to happen.
Vegas, Oh Vegas. My wife and I went with our friends for a weekend trip, Partied hard and ended back in our room, They started teasing with the whole "What happens in vegas stays in vegas" thing so we played along.
They were dirty dancing with each other then grabbing and grinding on each other and her friend actually pulled my wife's tank top down and bit my wife's nipple right in front of my friend, She has never really shown anyone her b**** that I know of and it never really occurred to me but it was kind of hot having him see my wife's nipple. Her friend bit it, She squealed and pulled away then they both laughed and my wife left her b*** hanging out shaking it and laughing. My wife and I have 3 kids and I don't want to say her b**** are saggy but...Her friend on the other hand has had hers redone a couple years ago and when my wife pulled her friends tank top down in retaliation my eyes almost popped out.
Big, Round, Firm and Freckly with a quarter sized, Light pink areola and pencil eraser sized light pink nipple, My eyebrows went up, My eyes got big and my wife looked at me then burst out laughing, I laughed too as my wife and her friend both looked at me and laughed, I kept telling my wife to bite it since her friend had bit hers but instead my wife just said "Hey...Stop staring...These are yours" shaking her saggy little b*** at me as we all laughed. There was a bit more dancing and grinding as me and my friend sat watching them and then a little lap dance for each of us before my wife initiated a swap.
She started doing a lap dance for my friend, Her friends husband, and her friend started doing one for me, I reached over and grabbed my wife's bum which is super nice, Round and firm. My wife looked back to make sure it was me and then there was some bum grabbing back and forth between her and her friend before her friend pulled up my wife's skirt showing off her bum in her T-bar thong, My wife reached over and smacked her friends bum but she was wearing a shorts/body suit type thing, I don't know what you call it but it was loose fitting so I did get to see one bum cheek but that's all. Looking over at my wife when she bent over there was a lot more showing than she was aware of, With the T-bar thong there wasn't much left to the imagination and you could see her little, Brown hole almost completely except the string running down the middle of it and me and him both looked at each other knowing full well she didn't realize how much could be seen.
I don't remember when or how but my wife ended up with her bra off and she stood up, Turned around and straddled my friends lap, Me and him were both wearing shorts and I don't wear underwear so when her friend stood up and turned around straddling my lap I adjusted my erection so it was against my stomach, My wife's friend sat down on my lap and both girls were squeezing their b**** together sticking their cleavage in our faces and her friend reached over pulling my wife's top down letting one of her b**** out. My friend looked at it and said "Wow" My wife stopped and looked at him and said "Wow good or wow bad?" and everyone giggled, He said "Wow good", My wife's b**** as I said are hangy with Dark, Oblong, Bumpy areolas and have thick, Kind of long nipples. When her nipples get hard they stand up probably close to an inch and her areolas get super wrinkly and tighten up, Not your average b**** but when she is cold or h**** they are really something to see, She is usually embarrassed of them but I always tell her they look amazing and apparently she was not embarrassed about anything that night.
Right about that time her friend took off her bra and put it on my head, We all laughed and joked about how me and him could each fit one head in each cup so we did, I intentionally slouched down a bit and her friend shuffled up a bit putting her right where I wanted her. Her husband is a smaller guy so I assume he is not real big down there but I am over six feet and not to brag but I am well endowed, I often got compliments on it in my younger years but in the last 23 years the only one to see it is my wife, My wife's friend noticed right away as she shuffled up and sat right down, Perfectly positioned with her crotch on my bulge, She paused and looked at me, Lifted her eyebrows and I smiled, My wife stood up and pulled my friend up dancing and grinding on each other.
My wife and my friend were standing behind her friend on my right and her friend reached down squeezing my bulge through my shorts, She lifted her eyebrows, closed her eyes briefly and shook her head then let go of it, I reached down with my left hand so my wife couldn't see and pulled her friends shorts to the side, she got nervous and bit her lip then peeked over her shoulder to make sure they weren't looking and leaned back a little letting me see, She has a nice, Bald v***** with a little bit of inner l**** showing out but all pink and soft, After a little peek she leaned forward again and I looked at my wife and my friend and he had his hands cupping her bum as they swung their hips together.
My wife's friends b**** kept slipping back into her top being so firm so I had cupped one keeping it out and keeping her top down, My p**** was right at the top of my shorts and I let go of her b*** and pulled the top of my shorts down letting the k*** and an inch or two of shaft out, She kept looking back and when she was sure they were distracted she reached down and wrapped her hand around it. I was dripping pre come already and was slippery so she was twisting her hand back and forth as I clenched my bum cheeks pressing my bulge against her, She had me in her hand and I reached down putting my hand on her inner thigh and slid my thumb in the leg of her shorts quickly finding her hard little button, She tensed up and swallowed hard then looked over her shoulder and let go of me pulling my shorts back up then slid off my lap.
Standing up she took a deep breath and let it out then pulled me up and we started dancing, We went back and forth between me and her dancing to me and my wife dancing together to her and my wife dancing as me and my friend watched, I stepped up behind my wife's friend and my friend did the same with my wife, We both pulled their tops down and were squeezing the two of them together squishing their b**** against each other, My wife had her hands behind her on my friends hips and her friend had her hands behind her down the front of my shorts stroking me.
I was just about to make a move when my wife's friend pulled her hands out of my shorts and said "Oooohhh man, We need to go" grabbing her husband, He tried to get her to stay and she said "Now, Like we need to go now" and my wife just looked at me. The door hadn't even clicked shut yet and my wife was stripping out of her clothes pulling me to the couch. She got on her back and was so wet I just shoved it right in, We were going nice and slow, Just the way she likes it and she was loving it, Legs on my back, Ankles locked making sure she was in control of my rythm, She was nibbling my ear and started whispering to me, She said she seen me watching her asked if I enjoyed the show and I nodded, she asked if I liked seeing her with her friend and I nodded, she asked if I liked seeing her with my friend and I nodded.
She asked what I liked most and I said I enjoyed seeing her and him most and she started talking dirty, She asked if I would have stopped her and I told her I didn't think so, She started getting into it the more we talked and she said "Really?, You would have been ok with that?", I put all my weight on my hips and whispered in her ear "I would have let you rock his world if you let me watch".
She started asking "Tell me...Tell me about it...Tell me what would have happened", I started telling her I would have her friend on my lap with both of us facing them with her on the floor on her back, Legs up over his shoulders, Me cupping her friends b**** and her friend grinding on me, I was going slow because if I know one thing about my wife...When she is done...WE are done. She looked at me and bit her bottom lip, She was moaning and groaning and said "You really would do it?", I nodded and she said "I touched his d***", I postured up and she looked a bit worried about my reaction, I smiled and said "And?" then started slowing working in and out again, She grunted as I went deep then shrugged and said "Not big but...hard".
She looked at me and said "You like that?" I went deep a few times and said "Do you think I like it", She giggled and her v***** flexed with each giggle almost finishing me, I asked if she let him touch her and she bit her lip again and nodded, I started going faster and she told me he lifted her left leg up to his hip while they were grinding and had his hand cupping her bum and she let him rub her v***** for a few seconds but when he asked if he could put a finger in her she said no and put her leg down. that was about all I could handle but it worked out well, I whispered "I would have loved to see that" and she started tensing up, groaning deep and had a shaking, Quivering, Twitching o*****, I slammed deep in her and we came together.
I flopped over onto the floor and she laughed, She went to the bathroom and came back saying "Holy...That was a lot", I just nodded and she reached out taking my hand, She stood me up and we went to bed spooning and giggling and talking dirty, She asked me if me and her friend did anything. I was going to say no but if I did and her friend admitted to anything she would have freaked, I admitted everything but downplayed it as much as I could, My wife said "She touched you?" I nodded "You touched her?" I nodded and she said "No wonder she was just as h****".
We have talked about it and had s** every night since.
Good things to come????????????????????????????????


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  • I disagree, My wife had a drunk hookup with a girlfriend of hers and came home, Told me about it and 3 weeks later she was in our bed, There have been 3 such instances since and I don't see it stopping, My advice...Don't push for it, Let her think it is happening on her terms and she will be far more likely to do it again.

  • Highly unlikey, My wife did a similar thing 3 years ago and actually in Vegas except it was just me her and a random guy half her age, She was 41 at the time and even though I mention going back quite often she assures me it is not going to be the same sort of trip and it was a one time thing.

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