Stepson is terrible

I absolutely hate my stepson he is worthless, nasty ass excuse for a human being. He is disrespectful and thinks he knows everything yet doesn't know s***. His room, clothes, self nasty won't do anything around the house yet loves to run around his f****** friends. His real father is a true d****** also who b****** every chance he gets. I am at the end of my rope and have contemplated murder absolutely over it, I'm done doing anything for this kid everyday I pray that he gets hurt killed or simply just vanishes. Its getting to the point where I am about to help him disappear. I HATE HIM!!


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  • Stop or you are going to jail

  • Jesus dude; just leave.

  • Crime never pays....don't you dare....just keep on praying it's a good option

  • Rape him.

  • What the f***

  • Pretty self explanatory isn't it dickwad???

  • What's self-explanatory is that you're a f****** idiot who spams other people's posts with the same tired phrase. You're not shocking anyone, junior

  • Umm dickwad,this is the first time I have used that phrase.
    And I'm not here to shock, that jobs already gone to your moms decimated gusset in her panties.

  • Lol. "Your Mom" blather is so cute when it comes from losers who have never known a woman aside from their own mommy. I like how you hearted your own post too. You are truly a pinnacle of human development. :D

  • Lol. Triggered much??!! And nope,I didn't like heart my own post,but I thank the person that did.
    How is your mom's discharge lately? Hope her cream from the doctors stops the smell being so noticeable. šŸ˜

  • Hurr hurr your mom hurrr emoji

    Wow. As it was once said: "Truly, you have a dizzying intellect." Now please end up the way Vizzini did.

  • Ohh look at me everyone,I'm responding using witty intellect, oh yah,end up like ned Vizzini, as by using the name Vizzini people who don't know of him will assume I'm intellectual.
    Go suck your nans tampon you melt.

  • Wow, it is WAY past somebody's naptime! :D

  • ^^^Idiot^^^

  • ^^^Rape you??^^^

  • Why don't you go rape an electrical outlet? There are three holes to choose from. It might be a bit roomy for your micropeen, but just think about your mommy and fill that bad boy up as much as you can

  • The fact you said 3 holes makes me assume you're UK based,so you should know they're called plug sockets,and it should be mummy,not mommy. You peen.

  • Have a grownup show you a standard American electrical outlet, d******!

  • No smartass comeback this time around? Nothing about the commenter's mom? No repetition of what they said like a retarded toddler? Maybe you are having the naptime you so badly needed there :D

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