My sister

My sister and i are now both 16. we started having s** when we turned 7. i only had s** with 4 girls including my sister. the thing is my sisters p**** is the best i ever had. i f*** everyday several times a day. i don't use a condom. we were born in 2003. one was early and the other was late. is this wrong. please explain in great detail

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  • I have known kids to play around sexually as young as five or six if it is encouraged by adults. I can understand your feelings. I say enjoy your sister. It is a special relationship and should grow. Don't use a condom, it spoils the feeling. Also have you tried a** f****** her. It is safe and lots of fun. I am sure she s**** you off and should do so on a daily basis.

  • Too old now she was perfect at 7

  • Get a f****** life and stop writing bullshit stories about incest. At age 7 you didn't even know where your d*** was, you stupid f*****.

  • Its the same a hole putting the same post again n again die u piece of s*** we are not interested in your fake bake

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