Help me Please

I am so turned on my by older sister and my mom. My mom is single and she's about 40 and my sister is 15. I wish there was a way I could see them naked or even have s** with them!! Please help!!!

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  • You should approach your mother at a quiet time & gently ask if one night you could share her bed to sleep with her.. You're looking for some direction & that can be a start.. She may get lonely at night in bed alone. Offer to be the man she needs.. If she responds in a loving, caring way, it should help both of you.. Consider that, young man..

  • First off, consider this boy to be 13 to 14 years of age..

  • Of course you are sexually aroused living with not one but two ripe & probably attractive ladies who may even overlook the profound effect that casually lounging around the house in their underwear has upon a young man [perhaps14??] with raging pubescent hormones.. Many of us men experience a similar situation growing up.. I wish I could counsel you in the real world however keep in mind that it is completely natural, genuine & healthy to have your sexual feelings for them.. They are close to you emotionally.. As for now try to see how understanding your mom is toward your pubescent period by trying to talk with her about your dilemma. You could also try to exhibit closer affection & caring for your sister.. You may even be able to talk to her about this if she is emotionally connected with you.. Other than that it is difficult to advise you minus knowing much more about your family dynamics..

  • You could put a small spy cam in their bedrooms or in the bathroom to see them naked

  • When you ask for help, do you mean you want help having s** with them or help finding a way out of your attraction? Try considering the consequences of your actions. Having s** with your mom and/or sister would be this huge elephant in the room that will follow you around for say (your mom's 40, and say life expectancy is 74) the next 34 years. And with your sister for nearly the next sixty years! Every family dinner, every get-together, every holiday. Picture that. Picture that awkward, uncomfortable silence between you all for the rest of your lives. That's why you get over your physical attraction to your family members.

  • Disregard the garbage above.. Fool must be from 4 decades ago.. Sexual relations among family members is mainstream now.. i.e. there is no more baggage & there is nothing to get over.. You are helpless to alter your feelings..

  • I want to have s** with them but you're right I shouldn't

  • You might want to rethink who you're attracted to. Incest is anything but cool and if you try to have s** with a family member they will tell yu to go f*** yourself and get out of the house.

  • Just go for it. See what happens.

  • How tho?

  • Do you want someone to come over and help you out?
    Surely you know how to get it done or are you too young?

  • What do you mean?

  • Have you ever thought of having s** with a non-relative girlfriend? You probably have your sexual energies focused in wrong direction. Incest is particularly complicated and those wanting to engage in it are thought very ill of. Maybe therapy would also help. Be well.

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