Is it that weird?

I got involved in a conversation with some girlfriends last night about s**, From what was said and some of the reactions to my confessions it seems I may be a bit more into some stuff and willing to let my husband do some things than some of the other girls.
When I blurted out one simple thing all my friends stopped and stared at me, Out of a group of 6 girls, All in our 40's who I have known all of them for 5 years or more, Some up to 8 years, I am apparently the only one who has ever let her husband do a "Facial", I will admit it has only happened a few times, Once by accident and twice in the shower but still, Out of 6 girls I am the only one. Here are a few stats I learned from the group that night, The number is the number of girls who have done each thing.
Facial 1 (Me).
A*** 2 (Me a few times a year and one other did it in highschool one time).
Finger in the bum during s** 2 (Me and one other on occasion).
Him licking bum 1 (Me) Only started to enjoy it in the last couple years.
Enjoy giving oral 1 (Me).
Enjoy receiving oral 4 (Two said they don't enjoy it and one said her husband won't do it) for real????
Swallowing 2 (Me and one other).
Involving toys 3 (Me and two others).
Role playing 4 (Me and one other, two more said they would but their husbands are not into it)
2 guys 2 (One girl did it in college and one about 10 years ago, Neither enjoyed it).
Husband and another girl 3 (I did after marriage but before kids, One did in college and one did between her first and second marriage with another couple)
Just with another girl 1 (One girl had a one night stand with a lesbian co-worker in her 20's)
Putting on a show for husband 6 (All had done it at some point but none do it now except me)
More than once a week 1 (Me)
Nipple clamps 1 (Me)
Have a vibrator 3 (Me and two others, Really? some don't?)
Mutual masturbation 1 (Me)
This is just a partial list of what was all discussed but it is most of the surprising ones for me. Am I really that odd?

Apr 27, 2019

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  • I do not find you odd in any way. I think that you and your husband are open minded and enjoy all aspects of your relationship.

    There are so many out there that actually never enjoy these wonderful pleasures.

  • In a group situation, it can be hard for women to admit their own kinks. I have a close nit group of gf's and we all get together for wine parties now and again. Like you we are all in our 40's. S** comes up often and at the last couple of parties things have gotten a little more exciting. A couple of months ago, I was joking with another one of the ladies and telling her, "you know it turns you on a little bit and you think about some of this stuff after you go home." She admitted that she had masterbated thinking about some of the stuff we had talked about (her ass getting eaten out) and she said that some of us were in a couple of them. Surprisingly some of the other women admitted it too. Over the 4th of July this year, everyone came over. Husbands, kids, and the ladies. Believe it or not, Laura (same lady from above) was groping my ass in the kitchen and teasing me. She thought it was funny that I would be blushing around everyone. Later, during the fireworks, she asked me to go back to the house to get more drinks. She brought me to the bathroom and ate me out. My c*** was so hard and I came when she slid her tongue into my p**** hole. She said she had been fantasizing about it and knew that a couple of the others were curious about eating p****. If you and your husband are enjoying your s** life, chances are that the other ladies appreciate your tales. Encourage them to keep exploring because life is too short. Who knows, maybe one of the ladies would like to explore with you.

  • I think you're a awesome woman,and I find it interesting that you feel that you're odd,I say if you and your husband are enjoying each other however the two of you agree then why not,As long as both are able to communicate with each other the possibility are endless,and most spouses would give anything to be a part of that type of relationship,enjoy each other!!

  • You could be my wife talking. She has had conversations similar to this with her friends. Why would you want to be married to someone you have lights off vanilla s** with once a month? No fun and not much connection = boring, arguments, resentment, divorce etc.
    You have a great relationship with your husband. Keep exploring and bring new things into your bedroom. You two are very lucky. S** is awesome!

  • Conservative bunch

  • Are you really that odd? Depends on the circles you're in. That you actually talked about these things is a good start toward being a bit more odd, which could well be a good thing.

  • For a woman. Yes. But good on ya.

  • Ever dabbled in pantie sniffing?

  • Ever dabbled in anything besides panty sniffing? Start slow, try a nice coloring book. (Protip: The crayons are for coloring, not eating)

  • Heh! Some people stick to their tried and true, although the panty sniffer seems more like a wanna!

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