Is it that weird?

I got involved in a conversation with some girlfriends last night about s**, From what was said and some of the reactions to my confessions it seems I may be a bit more into some stuff and willing to let my husband do some things than some of the other girls.
When I blurted out one simple thing all my friends stopped and stared at me, Out of a group of 6 girls, All in our 40's who I have known all of them for 5 years or more, Some up to 8 years, I am apparently the only one who has ever let her husband do a "Facial", I will admit it has only happened a few times, Once by accident and twice in the shower but still, Out of 6 girls I am the only one. Here are a few stats I learned from the group that night, The number is the number of girls who have done each thing.
Facial 1 (Me).
A*** 2 (Me a few times a year and one other did it in highschool one time).
Finger in the bum during s** 2 (Me and one other on occasion).
Him licking bum 1 (Me) Only started to enjoy it in the last couple years.
Enjoy giving oral 1 (Me).
Enjoy receiving oral 4 (Two said they don't enjoy it and one said her husband won't do it) for real????
Swallowing 2 (Me and one other).
Involving toys 3 (Me and two others).
Role playing 4 (Me and one other, two more said they would but their husbands are not into it)
2 guys 2 (One girl did it in college and one about 10 years ago, Neither enjoyed it).
Husband and another girl 3 (I did after marriage but before kids, One did in college and one did between her first and second marriage with another couple)
Just with another girl 1 (One girl had a one night stand with a lesbian co-worker in her 20's)
Putting on a show for husband 6 (All had done it at some point but none do it now except me)
More than once a week 1 (Me)
Nipple clamps 1 (Me)
Have a vibrator 3 (Me and two others, Really? some don't?)
Mutual masturbation 1 (Me)
This is just a partial list of what was all discussed but it is most of the surprising ones for me. Am I really that odd?

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  • You could be my wife talking. She has had conversations similar to this with her friends. Why would you want to be married to someone you have lights off vanilla s** with once a month? No fun and not much connection = boring, arguments, resentment, divorce etc.
    You have a great relationship with your husband. Keep exploring and bring new things into your bedroom. You two are very lucky. S** is awesome!

  • Conservative bunch

  • Are you really that odd? Depends on the circles you're in. That you actually talked about these things is a good start toward being a bit more odd, which could well be a good thing.

  • For a woman. Yes. But good on ya.

  • Ever dabbled in pantie sniffing?

  • Ever dabbled in anything besides panty sniffing? Start slow, try a nice coloring book. (Protip: The crayons are for coloring, not eating)

  • Heh! Some people stick to their tried and true, although the panty sniffer seems more like a wanna!

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